10 best Indian music videos of 2021 –


10. Ankur Sabharwal – “A better man”

Analog camera, black-and-white film, stop-motion and tons of Easter eggs from movie history abound in New Delhi rock artist Ankur Sabharwal’s music video for “Better Man.” Directed by Mrinal Bahukandi, the clip skillfully reflects the many introspections of one person grappling with the dilemma of good versus evil. Sabharwal wildly moves for the camera like he’s born for it – a side we’ve never seen before – and the painstakingly put together sets make it a total treat in every frame, backed up by the cheerful song. – AT

9. Kayan – “Be well”

Mumbai artist Ambika Nayak aka Kayan’s song “Be Alright” is wrapped in a chic video shot and directed by Iyanah Bativala. In the colorful and vibrant clip, Kayan performs the song while glowing purple and hugging a sunflower atop a terrace. In other scenes, the singer is seen pulling off a pink beanie and yellow sunglasses, showcasing her strong fashion game and reassuring listeners that “we’re going to be fine.” – Comic

8. Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Aman Sagar – “Khoya Sa”

For the collaboration of New Delhi musicians Sanjeeta Bhattacharya and Aman Sagar on the pop / R & B ballad “Khoya Sa”, the artists called upon director Karan Kapoor as well as writer and editor Ashish Tripathi. In the video, Bhattacharya is seen starring alongside fellow singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar. The visual brings the song to life as Bhattacharya and Bhatnagar share subtle romantic moments with each other in the bylanes and chawls of Chandni Chowk and Yamuna Ghat of New Delhi. – Comic

7. Komorebi – “Chanda”

New Delhi producer and singer Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi teamed up with host Arushi Kathuria to help create the hauntingly beautiful music video for her ambient electronic offering “Chanda”. Marwah, Kathuria and Vedabrata Rao came up with the concept of showcasing the assets of people who are no longer there. Throughout the clip we see spirits and items such as Marie Gold cookies, tea, golf clubs, and a rocking chair that were once treasured items of lost loved ones. – Comic

6. Dhruv Visvanath – “Fly”

Although filmmaker Arsh Grewal worked on a rather dark video for Kamakshi Khanna’s “Duur”, singer-songwriter Dhruv Visvanath’s pop-rock song “Fly” was the visual artist’s way of presenting his narration. in startling stop-motion. Visvanath is as emphatic as always in his vocals, but anyone who follows his jokes on stage knows he likes to revel in a good pun. So happens the story of an egg “which realizes that it is stronger than a hard-boiled egg”. Told with the urgency of a Disney animated feature film, “Fly” brings a ton of character and personality, all from the confines of a kitchen. – AT

5. Jayesh Malani – Full circle

Five-track EP by Bhopal-born multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker Jayesh Malani Full circle was released both audibly and visually. Malani put together a beautiful and imaginative film for recording to complement the songs. It was shot by cinematographers Prajwal Shivanna, Mark Tipple, Maumoon Lowe, Viraj D and Malani who also directed and edited it. According to the artist, the film can also be seen as a painting in which “the feeling” is the most important part. – Comic

4. Kamakshi Khanna, OAFF – “Duur”

New Delhi singer-songwriter Kamakshi Khanna teamed up with visual artist Arsh Grewal for an aesthetic black-and-white music video for his film track, “Duur,” starring Mumbai-based producer Kabeer Kathpalia aka OAFF. In the clip, Khanna is at her emotional best as she delivers an emphatic on-screen display combined with striking camera work and sleek set design. It’s no surprise that this clip has racked up over 100,000 views on YouTube. – Comic

3. Takar Nabam – “Good night”

Laika may be the first animal to orbit the earth, but Takar Nabam and host Hage Nobin see a different side to it. In the animated clip of the solemn and jazzy Nabam’s departure and lost love song, there is the story of an adorable connection between Laika and her trainer. Between Nabam’s fiery and bittersweet choruses, the story of this little dog who was launched into space takes on a different and heartbreaking perspective, which is undoubtedly heartbreaking material. – AT

2. JBabe – “Punch me in my third eye”

Zany is far from describing the single and music video by Chennai indie artist JBabe aka Joshua Fernandez for “Punch Me In My Third Eye”. While he sometimes nurtured his punk-rock side with the F16s, JBabe’s previous material was groovy and mellow. With the help of director Lendrick Kumar and DOP Prayoon Sajeev, JBabe takes a baseball bat for everything: social constructs, false healers, astrology, and the stigma associated with mental health. With a whore-less smile on his face, Preethi Alex (who plays Fernandez’s potential ponnu) happily shaves his head and smashes a cake in JBabe’s face. It’s colorful chaos and that’s what we are here for. – AT

1. Aditi Ramesh – “Shakti”

Mumbai-based singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh worked with videographer Ronit Sarkar on her very first music video for her experimental offering “Shakti”. The visuals are pleasing to the eye and Ramesh is seen performing the song in a classroom while showcasing his dance moves, and the stylish outfit changes add to the impact. With the help of several extras in the clip, Ramesh tells a story of reclaiming her own power through the video. – Comic