Departing from the usual standard of glossy music videos featuring mostly celebrities, the year saw a few music videos that focused more on storytelling and created compelling music videos that rivaled international music videos. The Post looks back at four music videos that deserve to be remembered in the yearsRead More →

Even though the nostalgic industrial complex and its relentless number of unnecessary reboots kept the culture in general stagnant in 2021, a much-needed respite was found in the clips of the year. If everything else was just a boring regurgitation of something once great, the 2021 clips were a reminderRead More →

Local musicians Dan McLean Jr. and Meg Shuebrook created this year’s playlist Another festive music playlist created by local artists is available on YouTube. Title Guelves and Friends Seasonal Music Project 2021 the playlist includes 25 artist videos performing all new classic and original holiday music. The playlist was releasedRead More →

10. Ankur Sabharwal – “A better man” Analog camera, black-and-white film, stop-motion and tons of Easter eggs from movie history abound in New Delhi rock artist Ankur Sabharwal’s music video for “Better Man.” Directed by Mrinal Bahukandi, the clip skillfully reflects the many introspections of one person grappling with theRead More →

Each year the Houston Press comb through the best independent and lesser-known artists to find the best music videos. You can keep your Taylor Swift, Lil Nas X, and even your Ghosts. This week, we are going underground to end our 2021. 100. Split-second merge, “Big game hunting”It’s time forRead More →