Langston Hughes | photo: Library of Congress In notes published with her musical score, “Portraits of Langston” from 2007, American composer Valerie Coleman wrote that the Harlem Renaissance of the early 1900s was the first time that the disciplines of visual arts, music and literature celebrated African-American culture.Read More →

Bounce back this month with Dezzy Hollow’s West Coast hip-hop, Golden Hours’ serene jams and Parque De Cometas’ ‘revuelto pop’ Earlier this month experimental pop duo Vákoum, consisting of Kelli (left) and Natalia Rudick-Padilla (right), released a live version of their track ‘A Thought’, from their latest album Linchpin. PhotoRead More →

Throughout the month of February, we immersed ourselves in biophilia and all it has to offer. The word has become a buzzword in the design world, but it’s more than just a trend. Biophilic design is the practice of connecting people and nature in our indoor environments, instead of onlyRead More →

Apologies – we’ve been a bit preoccupied with preparing something special for our 300th issue next month, hence the lack of new music playlists this year so far. But hopefully this selection of bumpers makes up for that. Behold, exciting new things from Fontaines DC, Aldous Harding, Cowboy Junkies, TheRead More →

Robyn Mowatt Robyn Mowatt is an editor at Okayplayer where she… The Week’s Best New Music Videos Include Selections From Deante’ Hitchcock, Tinashe, Buddy, Blxst, And More The most gripping video to arrive this week was Buddy’s “Wait Too Long” featuring Blxst. Obsidian directs the quirky clip. As part ofRead More →

Who is Amir Abar? Well, this young man was born in 2000 in Shiraz, Iran, and from an early age he was seduced by the idea of ​​doing something that could help him stand out from others even in the midst of saturation and competition. For this, he has givenRead More →

Last Friday, Traverse City-born, Nashville-based power band The Accidentals released the music video for their new single “Eastern Standard Time” – a silver indie folk song that gives a heartfelt nod to their home country. beloved origin with footage shot on the Leelanau Peninsula. Katie Larson of The AccidentalsRead More →

Sex appeal is subjective, of course, but sometimes it’s just undeniable that something is jaw-dropping, toe-curling and tongue-sticking. Examples: Harry Styles’ performance in the green feather boa at the 2021 Grammys. Kim Kardashian’s breakthrough cover in 2014 for Paper. Beyoncé, literally always. And while your opinion of the hottest musicRead More →

Director Brent Campanelli has signed with Tuff Contender for commercial representation and music video. Tuff Contender becomes the first production company to represent Campanelli, which has created work for brands such as H&M, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Aveeno and Red Bull, and directed music videos for artists Audrey Mika, Blackbear andRead More →

Big Thief’s new double album, “Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You”, was not designed for casual engagement. Lasting 81 minutes, it requires serious listening. The band’s sounds become more laid-back, as queer vocalist/guitarist Adrianne Lenker’s vision explores complex emotions with underlying joy. On “Change”, she anticipates “death, likeRead More →

Robyn Mowatt Robyn Mowatt is an editor at Okayplayer where she… This Week’s Best New Music Videos Include Selections From Doja Cat, Koffee, Ravyn Lenae, Nardo Wick, And More. This week’s top videos feature some selections that are on the mark of the artists who dropped them. A few othersRead More →

Very often you might need money fast. Unfortunately, getting a loan from conventional financial institutions with bad credit can be difficult.Very often you might need money fast. However, there are platforms where you can get instant cash loans even with bad credit. Unlike conventional loans, these short term loans areRead More →

Many people called me an “old soul”. I guess it’s because the idea of ​​living in the 1980s is pure heaven for me, mainly because of the music. The 80s featured some of the greatest musical artists to ever grace our humble planet and they weren’t afraid to strut theirRead More →