Remember these names: Emad Lufti Zari, Reaab Ahmed Bukhari, Abdulaziz Abdullah bin Shannan and Saud Abdulaziz Al-Khulaif. These Saudi artists recently performed in Rome at the Musei in Musica, representing the prestigious Saudi National Music Band. Translating to “Museums in Music”, this establishment partners with a variety of cultural venuesRead More →

It goes without saying that Weird Al Yankovic is the undisputed king of song parodies. His nearly 50-year career outlasted some of the artists he parodied, with some of his songs becoming better known than the original songs Weird Al parodied. Weird Al’s parodies are iconic in their own rightRead More →

Become a major popstar after the release of his hit album nostalgia for the future during the pandemic, Dua Lipa has yet to slow down. His music is an irresistible blend of pop, electronic and disco, and his accompanying videos are hypnotic on-screen dance parties. Here’s a list of Lipa’sRead More →