9 Rihanna Music Videos That Are Basically Art

The overwhelming support and affection that pop sensation Rihanna has received has been earned, in part, through more than a decade of brilliant and sensational releases. While her first phase of success in the late 2000s was the norm for a pop star, her continued output in the 2010s – coupled with her bold business ventures – cemented her as a cultural phenomenon comparable to figures such as than Kanye West and Beyoncé.

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Many of the music videos Rihanna has starred in throughout her career have reached creative heights normally reserved for other artistic mediums.



“Umbrella” was one of Rihanna’s first hits, and it continues to be one of her most iconic tracks. The song is well-crafted and well-performed enough to be considered legitimately artistic on its own, but the accompanying music video (in which Jay-Z co-stars) elevates it to a level of brilliance that few artists great. audience reach.

In the video, Rihanna’s dance manages to grab the audience’s attention despite not being accompanied by backup dancers until the end of the song – a feat that only an exceptionally charismatic performer could achieve.

Shut up and drive

This debut music video for Rihanna directly challenged gender norms (which were even more entrenched at the time of the song’s release) by depicting a group of women performing car repairs without male accompaniment, making it one of music videos from female artists who were ahead of their time.

The sense of female empowerment conveyed by this video was and remains transformative, and it is one of Rihanna’s many contributions to popular culture that has given practical value to audiences in addition to entertainment value. His confidence in taking a public stance on social issues is a notable contributor to his iconic status.

To stay

The perfect expression of despondency that Rihanna displays from her bathtub during the “Stay” music video is acting at a level above what a fair number of professional actors are likely to perform, which puts it among the best mental health clips.

Coupled with the haunting, overlapping music and Mikky Ekko’s understated yet effective supporting appearance, his depiction of defeat and despair communicates his emotional state in ways only legitimate art can. The video “Stay” East the art, of course – a towering creative statement that makes evident Rihanna’s exceptional ability as a storyteller.

rude boy

This music video is completely and unquestionably bizarre, but its psychedelic tone and cartoonish graphics are what set it apart from the leagues of mediocre works that artists regularly produce simply out of contractual obligation.

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Rihanna refuses to be indifferent to any strain of her work, and this dedication to originality is behind some of her most captivating unique pieces. The “Rude Boy” video is one of the most egregious examples of Rihanna’s faith in challenging creative norms and producing work that isn’t guaranteed to have mass appeal.

The only girl in the world)

The music video for “Only Girl (In The World)” is visually stunning, incorporating color to a degree that might be considered overkill if it weren’t so pleasing to the eye. Rihanna gallant in a meadow (the flowers perfectly complementing her then red hair) before dancing under fireworks after dark.

Where the “Stay” video dwells in sadness and resignation, this one is steeped in celebratory joy, with the gorgeous scenery, crisp cinematography and Rihanna’s near-perfect performance communicating a state of unapologetic satisfaction to observant viewers.

I needed myself

While some of Rihanna’s music videos opt for abstract storytelling that aims to communicate emotions rather than concepts, the phenomenal video for hit song “Needed Me” – directed by acclaimed filmmaker Harmony Korine – feels more like a short film, depicting the singer following her lover to a strip club and killing him.

A key facet of Rihanna’s genius is her commitment to making bold creative choices that guarantee her audience’s attention, whether or not viewers or listeners accept her often shocking execution. Rihanna’s boundless confidence as an artist and as an individual is what solidified her position as a cultural force, and such confidence is evident in the “Needed Me” video.

We found Love

The music video for “We Found Love” depicts a whirlwind deeply passionate relationship between Rihanna and an unidentified lover, fraught with physical intimacy, drug use and heated arguments. Such a romance is surely familiar to dozens of viewers, and the depiction of it in the video is likely cathartic to those who have had a similar experience.

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This music video tells a story in such a descriptive and emotional way that it could legitimately be compared to literature, despite the tendency of cultural critics to deny the validity of music videos as art in itself.

Where were you

The strongest sign of an effective artist is his ability to captivate. The music video for “Where Have You Been” shows Rihanna’s effortless ability to capture fans’ attention in this way, incorporating exceptional choreography, costume design and filming techniques to develop a world in which those who watch the video can live for its four and a half minute runtime.

Although Rihanna’s emergence from a body of water at the start of the video and her return at the end is not detailed, it does add an element of mystery to the work that is key to high-end entertainment. quality and contributes to its status as one of the best music videos of the decade.


This music video primarily communicates its message through visuals rather than story, which can be even more effective at conveying emotion in many cases. Its incorporation of color and black and white imagery is the main element that makes the video unique and memorable, and the repeated visuals of galloping horses add a natural beauty that contrasts the targeted shots of Rihanna’s face to diversify the theme. of the video.

If art is the expression of emotion and perspective through creative outlets, the “Diamonds” video certainly qualifies.

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