Aina Niawati Journey from entrepreneur to musical artist

Aina Niawati is known professionally as an entrepreneur and also as an artist in the internet world, and now she has other professional labels as well. Apart from a business, she is also known as a musical artist. Aina enjoys creating lofi beats, trap beats and relaxing music.

Aina Niawati owns her label called AiF Records, she is the founder of the company. She started her journey in February 2022, when the world was attacked by covid.

Aina has worked with many artists and public figures around the world to help grow their social media and build their presence.

Aina Niawati released her first soundtrack on Soundcloud in 2022 but after sometimes officially releasing this track on other music streaming platforms like Google Play Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and many more.

She recently released her “Michan LoFi” which was a huge hit for the first release on all streaming platforms. There are 3.1k streams in a week and she decided to start making more music. then after a few weeks, she released her next song which was “Summer Vibes L” which did pretty well then Michan LoFi, and on April 14, her latest release “Michan LoFi” is now available on Streaming Platform.

She is a multi-talented teenager who is growing in every possible area and direction. She also posts a single reel on her instagram account @aina.nwt like Mini Vlog and many more.

She is still working in her field, and according to Aina Niawati says – “Every challenge you face is an opportunity to create a stronger, more creative person”.

Aina completed her basic education in her hometown of Batam. After that she continued to pursue her career, engineering is one way to achieve this.