anupam: Anupam Roy explains why music videos are essential now | Bengali movie news


The visual side of music has always been delicate. For example, the line-up, lyrics and vocals for Anupam Roy’s new song ‘Mrigonabhi’ are all by singer ace himself. So why did he have to make a music video?

In a consumer culture primarily of art and entertainment, there are times when music can be forgotten or it can get lost in a sea of ​​content. But music videos often help artists stand out from the crowd, pushing them to gain more attention from their audience. Anupam echoes the same sentiment.

“I think nowadays only audio is of no value, you need a nice video that can complement the song. There is so much going on in music now. So many artists are creating something. again. If you can’t make a wave, you won’t be noticed. That’s why most singers now add a nice video to their songs. By telling a story, it helps the audience to listen and also attracts sound. attention, by playing it. Creating a memorable viewing experience can also increase a song’s chances of success. It also increases the visibility and exposure of any new artist, “Anupam explains, adding that” Mrrigonabhi “is a gift. of puja for his fans.

Meanwhile, Anupam, who is eagerly awaiting her next live show in Malda, has composed music for Parambrata Chattopadhyay’s sci-fi film “Bony”, which will finally be released on October 10.


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