Australian Art Music Playlist: March 2021

February has been a great month for new releases, and March appears to be continuing this trend. So this month we’re going to be kicking off some awesome new releases from the previous month, some albums I missed in 2020, and some new composers for the Australian Art Music playlist.

As always, while streaming is a great way to experience music – consider buying or supporting those who make the music you love – we even have a
Table of goodslink to help!

Kangaroo by Marigold Bartlett

The long-awaited recording of Jessica Wells
The parrot of the nightwas eventually published, documenting the history of endangered species. I selected the movement
Predatorwhich shows the expressiveness and absolute precision of Morgan England-Jones and the Acacia Quartet – definitely recommend the full album.

Continuing this theme, we have Yuwaalaraay composer and songwriter Nardi Simpson
Of the star and the birdsperformed by the Ensemble Offspring. The work alternates between absolute clarity and precision with magnificent washes of color led by the vibraphone – the juxtaposition creates a wonderful effect of floating and …

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