A different musical evening with traditional sounds will be presented at Technopolis 20, on Sunday August 29, 2021, at 8 p.m. The garden will be surrounded by the sounds of traditional music from Greece and Cyprus performed by the folk music group “Santouto” and the traditional music choir “Lalia”. ‘Santouto’Read More →

Canada has produced some of the best rock bands in the world today. It’s interesting how this country continues to celebrate a cultural awakening in recent years. Music is very useful in various aspects of life. In casinos, music is played in the background to broaden the player experience. GamblingRead More →

The group Maroon 5 recently released with the seventh studio album, “Jordi”, which soars in great creative diversity with various artists featured in the songs. MAroon 5’s affiliation with a resonant pop or indie-pop genre was noticed in early 2002 with their debut album, “Songs About Jane”. Over the years,Read More →