Flowing Karma, a group of young musicians in wheelchairs, gave their first live concert on YouTube. An initiative of Chandigarh Spinal Rehab, it is the only Indian group on wheels. Nearly 3,000 views and still on the rise. Fluid karma, India’s only wheelchair music group, is thrilled with the responseRead More →

The rock trio of Coyote man captivated listeners with their swashbuckling tunes in the rock metal genre with progressive instrumentals. They handed out exquisite numbers like ‘Death before dishonor‘,’Blatherskite‘ and ‘Remains‘ of the searched album ‘Precognition’. In my opinion, the tunes are spellbinding and have stunned the audience. The bandRead More →

Rock band Listener exclusively presents the brand new music video for “There’s Money in the Walls”. Hailing from Kansas City, Listener is made up of singer and bassist Dan Smith, drummer Kris Rochelle and guitarist Jon Terrey. By creating self-labeled ‘spoken music’, the band describes their sound as an ‘almostRead More →