And just like that, November is coming to an end and before we know it, there will be more holidays and then… 2022! Before we move forward, let’s take a break and reflect on the last month before it’s time to reverse the schedule. As cooler temperatures and darker skiesRead More →

October is coming to an end, so we’re revisiting our month-long dive into the classic black + white. Black and white spaces are spectacular, modern and stylish, never go out of style, but rather live up to the trends as they come and go. The contrasting color scheme makes anyRead More →

We start with several singer-songwriters showing their deep understanding of the instrument. Michelle Nelson’s Summer rain highlights the soft and deployed textures of the guitar against a soothing thunderstorm background. Loop Sonata by Ken Murray takes moments of crystalline color and lets them fit into a beautiful trellis. Kim Cannan’sRead More →