Director Dan Streit Joins Stink Films Globally for Commercials and Music Videos

Dan Streit has signed with Stink Films for worldwide representation, marking the first production company affiliation for the Los Angeles-based director and editor.

Working across music promotions and advertising at Stink, Streit will draw on a portfolio that spans numerous artists and brands, including creating a Stomp-inspired campaign for Kerwin Frost’s Adidas Summer 2022 collection, featuring featured Mac DeMarco, Teezo Touchdown and Tim Robinson, among many others. . Streit has collaborated with artists like BROCKHAMPTON, Charli XCX and Beats by Dr Dre. His recent work, the music video for Joji’s Glimpse of Us, premiered in June 2022 and amassed over 28 million views on YouTube in less than a month, inspiring a viral TikTok trend and helping lead the song to fame. 8th place on the Billboard Hot 100. list.

Streit has been leading professionally for about seven years. A childhood passion for home videos stayed with him all the way to film school where he honed his craft at Chapman University. After graduating in 2015, Streit freelanced for TMWRK management, which saw him direct music videos for Diplo, Major Lazer, Jack U and Dillon Francis. Simultaneously, Streit freelanced at an advertising agency, creating short animated advertisements for Apple Music. His professional training, industry experience and growing resume led to more contract work, but the real retention of his own visual style and aesthetic came from working directly with fellow musicians, including Shakewell, Zack Villere and Jim-E Stack, creating videos that defied expectations. management teams and labels while attracting the attention of industry peers.

Moving into directing editing, animation, and self-taught visual effects, Streit has extensive expertise in post-production, utilizing a blend of motion graphics, live performance, and editorial post-production techniques. Streit has curated a style that incorporates ’90s nostalgia and color, comedy and playfulness. Excelling in creative storytelling, Streit enjoys writing dialogue and building narratives. His creative process aims to match the appropriate visual and emotional tones for a specific song, artist or brand. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in post-production and animation, Streit is co-founder of post-production animation studio, Grin Machine.

Streit said: “The team at Stink have always been incredibly supportive and encouraging to me over the years, even before we worked together. I’m very excited to officially partner with Stink to create work that stands out as refreshing in an oversaturated media landscape.

Ryland Burns, Stink’s US EP and music video manager, said: “I discovered Dan’s work a few years ago and was immediately blown away. All of his films offer this strange, distorted, out-of-the-box view of reality that I’ve never seen before. On top of that, Dan embodies a refreshing do-it-yourself, self-starter mentality – directing, producing, editing and doing visual effects all by himself. He approaches every project with a modern perspective and more recently has shown an insane natural ability to confidently and seamlessly adapt his unique filmmaking workflow and process to the commercial landscape. It’s been really exciting and rewarding to watch him grow as a director, both from afar as a fan and now as a close collaborator. We couldn’t be more excited to portray him for commercials and music videos at Stink and be a part of his wild world.

Blake Powell, Global Head of Film at Stink, added: “Dan’s ‘Glimpse of Us’ is one of the most gripping and original music videos I’ve seen in a very long time. His work is refreshing, experimental and captivating.