Dr. Scott Stewart’s summer music playlist of classic tunes

It’s summer, and what better way to celebrate the season than with classical music? WABE music contributor Dr Scott Stewart, host of Hit the band and conductor of the Atlanta Youth Symphony, has created a summer music playlist for everyone to enjoy.

“I love that composers of all genres – classical, jazz, pop and more – are generally in tune with the seasons, and there are so many summer releases,” said Stewart.

The playlist offers polyphonic medieval music rotation (round), 17th-century English country dances and other music that extends to the present day, most of it composed to happily celebrate the season.

But there are also other perspectives represented. Stewart said, “When browsing for music on the holiday season, you can expect to find a lot of upbeat and festive music; it’s hot, the weather is nice, the school is closed and everyone is going to the beach. But there’s certainly a lot of soul-searching about summer as well. These are pieces that reflect the beauty of nature, the vitality of being near or on the water, relaxing at night after a fun day’s vacation, and even dealing with hot and humid weather.

The “Summer” concerto by Italian baroque master Antonio Vivaldi from “Four Seasonss “ is included. It is a room reflecting the intense heat, humidity and thunderstorms of Italy, as well as its flora and fauna. In the chosen recording, the role of violinist Nicola Benedetti evokes the characteristic birds of the Italian countryside: cuckoos, turtledoves and goldfinches in particular. Another selection explores a more magical interpretation of the season: “Felix Mendelssohn”A Midsummer Night’s dream” overture, which he wrote to accompany performances of Shakespeare’s fantastic comic play of the same name.

The romantic side of summer must be represented, and composers from the Romantic era like the Russian Mikhail Glinka, the French Maurice Ravel and the British Frederick Delius do the trick. Their pieces paint images of sultry moonlit evenings and lapping water waves, providing a darker chapter to our journey.

The playlist also nods to contemporary summer classic imaginaries, including Atlanta-based Pulitzer Prize-winning songwriter Jennifer Higdon and her piece “Summer eve, ” performed by the Prism Quartet.

“Higdon imagines that idyllic summer evening, where maybe you’re on your swing, you’re in a rocking chair, you’re surrounded by crickets and kids playing outside in your neighborhood,” said Stewart. “She realizes this idea of ​​a relaxing summer night with these really expansive melodic lines which I would say have quite a far reach, and also with this rhythmic idea of ​​continually choppy and choppy… It’s really beautiful porch music. summer. ”

Another contemporary composer featured is Gao Hong, with the selection “Summer cicadas», Giving the impression of a swarm of cicadas with the pipa, a traditional Chinese pear-shaped lute.

“Whatever your take on the season of sunshine and calm nights, I hope some of this music will be a good companion,” said Stewart.

Stewart’s Playlist:

1 Summer dances Adam gorb Ad Hoc Wind Orchestra, Jean-Pierre Haeck
2 Sumer is the icumin in Steve Hendricks (mandolin and guitar)
3 A summer day John playford Broadside Band, Jeremy Barlow
4 The four Seasons Antonio Vivaldi Scottish Chamber Orchestra
5-9 Opening at A Midsummer Night’s dream Felix Mendelssohn Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell
ten Memories of a summer night in Madrid Mikhail Glinka Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Keith Clark
11 Mirrors: A barche on the ocean Maurice Ravel André Laplante
12 Summer night on the river Frédéric Délius St. Martin-in-the-Fields Academy, Neville Marriner
13 Summer eve Jennifer higdon Prism Quartet
14 Guangxi Impression: II. Summer cicada Gao Hong Minneapolis Guitar Quartet
15 “Summer time” of Porgy and Bess George gershwin Battle of Kathleen | Saint-Luc Orchestra, André Prévin
16 Summer Joe hisaichi London Symphony Orchestra, Joe Hisaishi
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