Fidelity Bank reacts to video of music band performing outside branch

Fidelity Bank has clarified a video circulating on social media after a customer and a music group were filmed performing outside one of its branches.

In a official statementthe bank said: “Our attention has come to a video circulating online of a man singing at one of our branches.

“Contrary to media reports claiming that the man was wrongly debited by the bank, the video is actually a picket exercise organized by the Merged Union of Public Enterprises, Technical and Recreational Employees of the Public Service over of a dispute they have with Anambra State Urban Water Holding Corporation and Anambra State Waste Management Authority,” the bank statement read.

“To this end, we previously issued a statement explaining that although the Union has obtained a garnishment order against the Anambra State Government accounts in Fidelity Bank, we are unable to honor as judgment debtors, Anambra State Urban Water Holding Corporation and Anambra. The State Waste Management Authority immediately filed a notice of appeal along with a motion to stay enforcement of the court order dated the garnishment order.

“The union is aware of these procedures as they have been served. The motion for a stay of execution is still pending and had not yet been heard and decided when the union took the law into its own hands to attack Fidelity Bank.