From Youtuber to musical artist

There would be no YouTube user in Telugu States, who would not have heard of BodduVenkata Audi Narayana Reddy, popularly known as Adi ReddyBoddu. Winning the hearts of over 3 million subscribers and making a splash on YouTube, this young man has shown that there is nothing impossible. Adi Reddy Boddu is a popular Telugu YouTuber well known for his reviews on “Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4” and fantasy cricket. He has also been getting a lot of attention for creating music albums lately. Do you want to know more about him? Well, let’s take a look at the challenging yet inspiring journey of music artist Adi Reddy Boddu.

Born and bred and qualification
Adi Reddy Boddu was born at Varikuntapadu Mandal in Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh on June 5, 1990. He obtained his B. Tech (EEE) from a private college in 2013. He started working in a company after completing his studies. Then he got another job opportunity in Bengaluru as a digital marketing executive. He was really sure of what he wanted. But his time has not yet come.

One fine day, he made a video and uploaded it to YouTube, which went viral and got a huge response from viewers. Then he decided to become a YouTuber and started reviewing Telugu movies on his YouTube channel ‘Movie Cric News‘, and later changed it to Adi Reddy. It is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels with over 3.1 Lakh subscribers. He has taken the popularity of his YouTube channel to the next level with his unique style of approach unlike other YouTubers.

full time YouTuber
Then he realized what he wanted in his life. Therefore, he convinced his parents to let him do whatever he wanted. Coming from a farming family, Adi Reddy and his family struggled to earn a living during his childhood. So, it was an offer for him to convince his parents at the time. Her dedication and passion for her work have already moved her parents, and they have allowed her to pursue her dream. He quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming a successful YouTuber, and the rest is history.

The journey continues
BodduAdi Reddy uses social media to promote his YouTube videos which have now become more popular. He has a knack for making videos on “Big Boss Telugu and Fantasy Cricket” which have gone viral on social media. His content was different and people started subscribing to his channel like wildfire. People who are part of his community of subscribers have really liked his work. He was also able to chat with non-subscribers.

popular music artist
For the uninformed, Adi Reddy Boddu has been a music lover since childhood. Despite many attempts to learn music, financial difficulties prevented him from doing so. But it didn’t take him long to accomplish what he set out to do. He fulfilled his dreams by composing music for songs. So far, he has released five music albums and is currently working on a few music albums, which will be released soon.

Adi Reddy Boddu is like a bee always on the move. Being one of Bigg Boss’ top critics, as well as a fantasy cricket pundit and popular musical artist, he’s said to be a multi-tasker who handles too many things at once. This is not possible for most people. That’s why he is considered a rare find among thousands of YouTubers. His viral videos changed his life and made him popular on all social media platforms.

Philanthropic work
AdiReddy Boddu has also started supporting others in need through his YouTube channel. He has done seven fundraising campaigns for people who have approached him through various sources for financial assistance for their treatment. He supported their treatment by organizing fundraising campaigns and succeeded. He extended his support by around Rs. 30 lakh for 8 families with the help of his YouTube subscribers.