“Gucci 100” pop-ups, collection, music playlist

If you’ve lived under a rock, you probably missed the news that Gucci is turning 100 this year. How else could you have missed the provocative campaign, the archive store, the surprise game collaborations (Roblox, 100 Thieves), the NFT, Gucciaga ?!

It’s time to get out from under that rock and visit the local Gucci store, as the luxury house hits the road for a world tour as part of its centenary. And if you can’t do that, no worries: Gucci also appears online with a fully rendered 3D space that will live on The Gucci website and app.

The “Gucci 100” pop-ups are entirely devoted to music. Remember, the Gucciaga “hacking lab” show has been recorded by Lil Pump, Rick Ross and Bhad Bhabie, songs selected mainly for their Gucci-related titles and lyrics.

Creative Director Alessandro Michele knows how important music is in Gucci’s history. The house’s pop culture dominance is the envy of its peers – among them, who else can claim their name is synonymous with “good?”

“This is not a revisionist attempt to delve into the past: mine is rather an ‘inverted’ revisionism of the history of the House, stitched together with a piercing note, a melody, a chorus,” said Michele. “Also because, if I had to portray Gucci, I would be an eternal teenager hanging out in places where music is heard and played.”

Michele leverages this organic cultural supremacy in a series of experiential events held in Gucci stores and spaces deeply respectful of Gucci’s historic appeal.

Example: the words of Eric B. and Rakim which adorn a large part of the Gucci 100 collection.

A brief couplet of the duo “The R” – “The music is mine / the Gucci seats reclined” – is sewn, patched and woven into sweaters, shirts, coats, bags and hats. That’s only part of the equation though: because it’s Gucci, the collection is packed with wacky floral prints, green and red stripes, monograms and plenty of branding.

It’s as cacophonous as the rooms that will play Gucci tunes when visitors arrive at the pop-ups. Whether visiting physically or digitally, shoppers will be greeted by flashing LEDs or reflective floors and a spinning prize wheel that rewards players with a different Guccified song.

“Gucci 100” pop-ups will arrive in New York’s Meatpacking District, Miami’s Design District, California’s South Coast Plaza, and Holt Renfrew Vancouver, as well as events at Gucci stores in Houston, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco and Toronto by early October.

On top of all that, Gucci has the 5th Avenue storefront of Guccified Saks – too much of a good thing? Impossible.

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