Holiday music YouTube playlist turns into a ‘beautiful little community tradition’ for local artists

Local musicians Dan McLean Jr. and Meg Shuebrook created this year’s playlist

Another festive music playlist created by local artists is available on YouTube.

Title Guelves and Friends Seasonal Music Project 2021 the playlist includes 25 artist videos performing all new classic and original holiday music. The playlist was released on Monday December 18 and can be viewed below:

Dan McLean Jr., who created the first playlist in 2020, said he believes this year’s playlist is even better than the last.

“I think it was easier to get people involved this year because a lot of them already did last year,” he said. “I watched it this year, and thought it was better this year. People’s performance was better, the video and audio was better, I think because of COVID people are have improved a lot in the use of their camera phones. “

Since the video’s release, McLean said people were responding “very well” to the playlist and it was shared online by many of the musicians involved.

“It does exactly what we wanted, it’s kind of each of us making a holiday gift for ourselves, for each other, for our family and friends, for the community, just for everyone to enjoy. can see it, ”McLean said. “You can tell from the videos that people love to make them. “

This year McLean said he had offered other artists the opportunity to help with the playlist, and fellow Guelph musician Meg Shuebrook stepped in to help.

“I helped her with a few little things, but really she put it all together,” McLean said of Shuebrook.

Shuebrook said her interest in helping Dan with the playlist was to hear from friends she had yet to see live during the pandemic.

“Between the two of us, we reached out to over 80 musicians, which created a wide net for musicians in the area,” said Shuebrook. “These people are genuine, warm, talented people who are eager to connect with others, and it’s just a beautiful project to be a part of.”

Shuebrook adds that she hopes people using the playlist will get a sense of the talent within the community and the sense of goodwill.

“It’s a pretty eclectic mix, and it kind of represents the range of interests and intentions of musicians within this community,” said Shuebrook, who also performs a cover in the playlist titled “For One. winter night”.

“Everyone interprets Christmas in a different way, in a unique way. Having traditional, original, traditional rock ‘n’ roll and things from the 1600s is a good reflection of our diverse community, our fairly diverse community.

As a musician himself, McLean has said that many musicians have missed the opportunity to perform together and is hopeful others will join future playlists.

“I’m really happy with it and I really hope someone else takes it up every year and it will continue,” said McLean.

“It’s a nice little community tradition, and Guelph is still small enough that we can do that kind of thing.