How to Create Your “Get Ready With Music” Spotify Playlist

Spotify created another way to create new music playlists on the platform, this time basing suggestions on the contents of a user’s wardrobe. Aptly named “GetReadyWithMusic”, the feature aims to create mixes of songs that are enjoyable to play while getting ready to start the day. It’s the perfect tool for listeners who take the themes of their track compilations seriously and ensure that everyone in the rotation is relevant and up-to-date with mood-appropriate tracks.


A wide variety of features are available that allow Spotify users to expand and optimize their growing music library, built into the platform itself and provided by third-party apps and websites. For example, Spotify has a special “Made for you” category that automatically generates playlists based on a person’s listening habits and is sorted by specific genres, artists, decades, or moods. Music fans can also analyze and share their music preferences with friends in a fun way on social media – there’s a website that lets Spotify users turn their favorite artists into cute Pokémon cards – and even snoop around the type of tracks they listen to on Spotify Desktop.

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Spotify’s “GetReadyWithMusic” is something users can try on a desktop or mobile device. The website will open in a web browser and promises to offer a personalized mix of songs that perfectly matches a person’s fashion sense and personal style. Before that, however, users will need to press the “Sign in to Spotify” button and grant the service access to their account data and relevant details, such as the country Spotify is being accessed from, name of a person’s user, a listener’s subscription type. a, and of course, the music they listen to on the app, to name a few. Then click “Accept” to continue – login credentials may need to be provided if Spotify is not already in use on the device. Once ready, tap “Let’s go” and let the app do its magic.

Here’s How Spotify’s “Get Ready With Music” Works

The first thing users should do is choose a theme, event or activity they are preparing for: “Take Anything”, “Relax”, “Getting Stuff Done”, “Breaking a Sweat” or ‘Going Outside Tonight.’ Then clicking on any available tile will play a sound clip in the background that suits the chosen option – press ‘Next’ once a choice is finalized Then spin the interactive disc, choose until ‘to three colors to combine, then press “Next”. After that, thinking about the clothes, choose one of the seven available style “vibes” and click “Next”. Finally, for the new cover image of Spotify playlist, users will be prompted to enter their name and take or upload a photo of their final look – tap “Skip Adding Photo” if you prefer.

The service will take some time to generate a playlist based on a person’s style. Once done, a page with today’s date and a “Preview Playlist” button should appear, along with a share button and a “MusicCloset” feature that takes users directly to their new playlist on Spotify. Additionally, the new mix will be added to the user’s list of public playlists. Spotify Premium subscribers can also download the songs for offline listening and use the “Upgrade” feature to add more songs to the compilation.

Source: Spotify