IQ New Music Playlist Highlights ILMC 33 Showcase Artists


IQ’s March New Music playlist includes contributions from ITB, ATC Live, Paradigm, UTA, Primary Talent, UK Sounds, Hots, Soundczech and Why Portugal

By QI on March 01, 2021

The latest edition of IQThe New Music Playlist goes live today, showcasing the exciting new acts, hand-picked by major international agencies and music export offices, set to perform this week at the 33rd Conference. International on Live Music (ILMC).

Launched last summer, the complete playlist IQ The magazine’s popular New Signings page, which keeps the live industry informed of new, emerging and re-emerging artists who are signed by agents.

The March playlist includes contributions from ITB, ATC Live, Paradigm, UTA and Primary Talent, as well as UK Sounds, Hots (Hungarian Oncoming Tunes), Soundczech and Why Portugal, each of which selected up to 12 tracks each featuring some of their hottest touring artists.

Listen to the latest selection using the Spotify playlist below – or click here to catch the February 2021 edition first.

Separated by agency/export bureau, the full list of March Playlist titles is:

Agency Artist Song
laughs Bernhoft, fashion bruises look alike
laughs Bernhoft All my Love
laughs Konrad no god
laughs Conrad, Pablo Nouvelle Live for the weekend
laughs Kapil Seshasayee The gharial
laughs Kapil Seshasayee The object girl
laughs Crowds, Goldhouse Big World (Goldhouse Remix)
laughs Monster say anything
laughs nature tv Hometown
laughs nature tv Only one
laughs Nicole Slack Jones, Guéna LG I Am Free (Acoustic by Johan Czerneski)
laughs Nicole Slack Jones, Guéna LG Give You My All (Acoustic by Johan Czerneski)
ATC LIVE Lily of the Fennes Head to toe
ATC LIVE Lily of the Fennes For a certain time
ATC LIVE Los Bitchos The link is about to die
ATC LIVE Los Bitchos Pista (good start)
ATC LIVE pillow queens What do I look like
ATC LIVE pillow queens Gay Girls
ATC LIVE Rueben James Very cool
ATC LIVE Rueben James, Col3trane Smart
ATC LIVE The Goa Express be my friend
ATC LIVE The Goa Express The day
Paradigm Model Blind
Paradigm Model Minimal
Paradigm Ritt Momney Put your discs on
Paradigm Ritt Momney something in general
Paradigm strange Bartes Boomer
Paradigm strange Bartes Mustang
Paradigm television priest Press group
Paradigm television priest Decoration
Paradigm JP Saxony, Julia Michaels If the end of the world
Paradigm JP Saxony hey stupid i love you
Paradigm Christy dance with the air
Paradigm Christy In my thoughts
Paradigm Upsahl Medications
Paradigm Upsahl The people I don’t like
UTA Nubya Garcia The message continues
UTA Nubya Garcia lost kingdoms
UTA Peach Rascals Mariposa
UTA Peach Rascals Mango
UTA Skull Crusher Song for Nick Drake
UTA Skull Crusher Locations/Maps
International Primary Talent BVDLVD, Lil Darkie Punk!
International Primary Talent BVDLVD Adderall
International Primary Talent Deema, David Armada Hash browns
International Primary Talent Deema, Kish! Maddie
International Primary Talent Joesef Loyle Carner I wonder why
International Primary Talent Joseph The sun is up forever
International Primary Talent Katy Kirby Juniper
International Primary Talent Louisahhh Chaos – Wax Wings Remix
International Primary Talent Miloe winona
British sounds cherim Abigail
British sounds cherim The strangers
British sounds Gengahr before sunrise
British sounds Lady Nade It’s not a thing
British sounds Lady Nade Complicated
British sounds TrueMendous Hmmm
British sounds TrueMendous This does not mean
British sounds dead pony 23, Never me
British sounds dead pony sharp tongues
British sounds HMS Morris Poetry
British sounds HMS Morris Babanod
British sounds They Bailey Medicine Man – Acoustics
British sounds They Bailey What is your problem
HOT Babe Sila Hole
HOT Babe Sila Moonlight
HOT Jazzbois, Kid Absrakt Live and Live – Live
HOT Wun Two, Jazzbois Interloop
HOT Plato Karataev The singing season
HOT Plato Karataev Elevator
HOT The Devil’s Trade dead sister
HOT The Devil’s Trade The Iron Peak
Soundczech Lambda Express Space
Soundczech Lambda Odyssey
Soundczech viking lazer Waiting for the end of the end of the end
Soundczech viking lazer Everyone but you
Soundczech Make the trees happy feel nothing
Soundczech Make the trees happy A song is its own world
Soundczech teepee Without reason
Soundczech Teepee Parallel world
WHY Portugal Whales Large impulse waves
WHY Portugal Whales Phantom
WHY Portugal Lina, Raul Refree Medo
WHY Portugal Lina, Raul Refree Cuidei que tinha morrido
WHY Portugal On my Maasai
WHY Portugal On my hemma
WHY Portugal dream people People think
WHY Portugal dream people carolina

The full program of ILMC showcases is available on the ILMC 33 website.

ILMC 33 takes place this week, March 3-5. A limited number of tickets are still available – click here for more information.

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