LANY music group set to release upcoming album ‘gg bb xx’ echoing dreamy pop streak


Pop music group LANY is ready to release his next album titled ‘gg bb xx‘which resonates with an incredible range of modern pop and downtempo essentials.

Pop music group LANY is back in full force with the announcement of their upcoming fourth studio album, ‘gg bb xx‘. It comes just under a year after their previous release, which was the band’s third studio album titled “mama’s boy”. The new album arrives in September as the band is already giving a preview of what to expect from the album with the release of a few songs. The group has previously previewed the songs ‘up to me’, ‘whatever’, ‘let’s break up’, ‘roll over, baby’, and ‘dancing in the kitchen’ while their fans anxiously await the rest of the saga to unfold. The song “up to me” and the upcoming song “adna” are both produced by the group alongside Andrew Goldstein who has worked with artists such as Katy Perry, Black Bear and Maroon 5.

Group frontman Paul Klein shares that the album is reminiscent of new romances as well as those that have escaped. The production is dynamic and undulating which gives the album an eccentric identity of its own. Sincere and sometimes in a bad mood, the album is intended to regenerate the virtues of downtempo with a thematic concept of a desperate romantic. Each song has a purpose of its own. Some immerse audiences in a memory, others make them dance, while others instill a sense of fulfillment as more and more songs are poised to give the album its collective personality. The album contains 12 songs in total which are intended to change the creative perspective of pop music in contemporary times.

Los Angeles-based group LANY shares that their soundscape is thematically conceptualized alongside their dreamy pop production lines. Their use of rolling drums, warm synths and vocal glow achieves the right tuning that touches the hearts of the audience in an instant. There is a sense of density and creative breadth in their music that sets their ideals apart from their contemporaries. They discovered the true purpose and creative enamel of pop music to pave the way for an exceptional soundscape. The group also announced their upcoming tours in North America and the UK. Their new album, ‘gg bb xx‘is scheduled for release on September 3, further expanding its creative reach to global fans. Listen to new songs from their upcoming album on Apple Music now.

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