Listen to the Australian Art Music playlist: October 2022

Welcome to the Australian Art Music Playlist! A monthly playlist of classical, jazz, experimental and electronic music focusing on contemporary Australian composers, musicians and sound artists.

Kathie Renner, Alex Wignall, Ross McHenry and Rachel Bruerville

I love these playlists where I become a musical tourist, time traveler, and detective – exploring a state’s music scene and how these artists influence each other. This month we travel to South Australia and its wealth of sound art, chamber music and jazz.

Let’s start with Ross McHenry’s optimism Adelaidefrom his 2020 album Nothing stays the same. An eminently smooth jazz number, the band builds from a comfortable groove to create layers of texture with teeth – always drawing the listener in to experience something new. This leads to Keel by composer Anne Cawrse who puts the Australian String Quartet to the test to create a whimsical, precise and curious work. It’s easy to hear why she’s in such high demand, her music draws audiences in, creating an experience where every moment is savored and eagerly anticipated.

I’m really digging The Big Wigs’ debut album, which came out earlier this year. It’s such a fun album and it’s all going on my “Music to Get Things Done” playlist and I recommend you check it out. For this playlist, I chose The crossing line by Alex Wignall, which breaks like waves at high tide exposing excellent player solo lines. I’m particularly fascinated by the work of Lyndon Gray on bass.

by Georgina Bowden The faded sun is immediately striking. The vocal lines, perfectly blended, give way to textures that blend into the spaces before returning to individual melodic lines. A good headset to listen to if you can. Absolutely ridiculous that this is a live performance – very, very impressed!

Finally, we close the playlist with Dusk on the Outback Highway by Mark Simeon Ferguson from the album Where emus roam the streets, one of ABC Jazz’s commands. Another full album to study, but what drew me to Dusk is the beautiful vibraphone that leads the first half of the piece, before being absorbed into a cold piano solo to round out the playlist.

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Australian Artistic Music Playlist

Organized by Cameron Lam
October 2022 Song List

  1. Conduct by Belinda Gehlert | performed by Zephyr Quartet
  2. Adelaide by Ross McHenry | performed by Ross McHenry, Eric Harland Ben Wendel and Matthew Sheens
  3. Keel by Anne Cawrse | performed by Australian String Quartet
  4. Unleashed Melody by Graeme Koehne | performed by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Porcelijn
  5. The faded sun by Georgina Bowden | performed by Ostrava Days Contemporary Music Festival
  6. Exquisite peace of ecstatic moments by Hilary Kleinig | performed by Zephyr Quartet
  7. Anthochaera carunculata – Red Wattlebird by David John Lang | performed by Simone Slattery
  8. Dancing on tiptoe by Rachel Bruerville | performed by ACO Collectif
  9. The crossing line by Alex Wignall | performed by The Big Wigs
  10. Hope by Emily Tulloch | performed by Zephyr Quartet
  11. Gray of the Colors of Sorrow by Adam Page
  12. shades of blue by Dylan Crismani | performed by Dylan Crismani and Gabriella Smart
  13. song of waterproofing by Dan Thorpe
  14. Invisible by Kathie Renner
  15. The timeless art of time by Jason Thomas | performed by Zephyr Quartet
  16. Healthy by Hannah Wilkinson
  17. wait, okay by Leah Blankendaal
  18. Music for airport furniture by Stephen Whittington | performed by Zephyr Quartet
  19. Dusk on the Outback Highway by Mark Simeon Ferguson | performed by Mark Simeon Ferguson, Kyrie Anderson, Bonnie Aue and Ciara Ferguson

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Over 100 hours of music previously featured on this playlist can be found on the Australian Art Music Archive Playlist, with previous material available here.

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