Listen to the Australian Art Music playlist: September 2021

Recontextualizing the oral is a common thread running through several of our pieces this month. that of Robert Davidson Not now! Never! takes Julia Gillard’s notorious speech against sexism in parliament and wraps it in vocal talents from Australian voices. Love in loneliness through Andrea Keller creates amazing space and texture to surround the prerecorded poetry narrated by Miroslav Bukovsky – a masterful performance by Offspring set at The Night With… in Scotland.

Taking this concept to the extreme is Imago through Fiona Hill – a response to the stories of people affected by forced adoption in Australia. The powerful and prolonged work carried out by Lamorna Nightingale and Jane sheldon, seamlessly blending electronics and prerecorded sound to create scene after scene echoing trauma, suffering, and vivid thoughts. Not easy to listen to, but very important.

Ros Bandt, recipient of the Richard Gill Award for Distinguished Service to Australian Music at the Art Music Awards last year, has a long history of exploring improvisation, space and acoustics. The track I chose here is Dog (Bass record, dog nearby) of his improvisation in the acoustic chambers. The way we record our work has an incredible effect on the final artwork, and Ros’s work shows that we can afford to be more experimental in how we create our experiences.

that of Warren Burt Portrait of Jean Chalmers maybe shocking to some, but I find it an exciting job to sit with for a while. Microtonal synthesized work broke standard tuning systems – but it’s amazing how quickly we can get used to a new sense of tension and release (around 2-3 minutes for me). Try it, you might surprise yourself!

In an interesting way, Marc Oliveiro uses texture the same way in Thunor door for horn and electronics Рit re-educates our ears to a feeling of tension and relaxation through texture and impact. The space seems vast but not empty, supporting that of Josu̩ Michal smooth horn tone throughout.

One of the many pieces performed by New music ensemble Decibel in this month’s playlist is None of this is useful after midnight through Dan Thorpe. We return again to recordings of the human voice as a guiding principle, taking us to a surreal night where the rest of the world is isolated. Delicate and foreign, familiar and bewitching – this beautiful composition is a miniature evocative of contemporary events.

Hope you enjoyed the extended sound world on the Aussie Art Music playlist this month – it’s been a great meditation on what we can achieve with sound. If you are looking more to listen, the entirety Australian Art Music Archives has also been updated on Spotify (now with almost 80 hours of music!). I also cannot recommend enough to listen to the entire 2 minutes from the house Decibel series.

Join me next month when we get down to a guitar solo,

– Cam

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