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Katie Rox, who grew up on a farm just outside Airdrie, said when Nice Horse, the all-female country music group she is part of, learned they had won several accolades at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards. , all members of the group were struck down.

“It was quite an experience. We were very happy to have these nominations, but we also had a concert in Moose Jaw the night of the awards show so we knew we couldn’t be there to see the awards. “, said Rox. “We were coming back from a gig in Moose Jaw and we just got a text message that said, ‘Oh my god, you won’. So we were somewhere in the middle of Saskatchewan in our tour van celebrating that we had won our first Canadian Country Music Awards.”

Nice Horse has been nominated for several awards including Video of the Year for their music video “High school“, which they won, as well as individual nominations, including Guitarist of the Year, for which Tara McLeod, the band’s electric guitarist, was nominated, Krista Wodelet who does vocals and drums, who made history being the first-ever female nominee for Drummer of the Year, along with Rox who also sings and plays banjo and acoustic guitar, she was nominated for Specialized Instrument Player of Brandi Sidoryk of Nice Horse also won the bassist of the year award.

The music video that won Nice Horse their award was shot on an incredibly low budget of $600, though Rox said the fact that such a low-budget video had such an impact is a testament to the courage and group creativity.

“We were pretty out of ideas and Brandi and Krista do a lot of photo and video editing. Christa had learned to do video editing during the pandemic when we couldn’t be together,” she said. “The idea for this music video came up and we thought the worst case scenario was that we wouldn’t use it at all and it only cost us $600. Best case scenario we have a music video to broadcast. and that was the mentality that was there.”

Rox said the band members couldn’t be prouder of Sidoryk because she’s worked hard to get where she is. She said that because the group is made up of four friends, there’s a stigma they had to overcome of being just another group of girls.

“We’re a very hard-working group of musicians and to get this recognition not just as a band but as individual players was really good. For me personally, it meant a lot to me because I just felt like wow, I’m actually getting this level of recognition for being a musician. It’s hard to put into words, but it really meant a lot.

When asked how her hometown and home province influenced the music she makes now, Rox said that growing up in a small town, country music came so naturally. Although the group has remained silent since their awards, it is because they are working hard to make more music.

“We’ve got a lot going on behind the scenes, but we’ve been recording new material even though I don’t know when it’s coming out,” Rox said.

Nice Horse has also toured in direct support of legendary artists such as Tom Cochrane and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and performed at major country music festivals like Boots & Hearts, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Big Valley Jamboree and the Calgary Stampede.

When asked if Rox misses Alberta, she couldn’t deny it.

“I mean, this is my home; this is this big Alberta sky and there’s nothing like it anywhere else.”

Nice Horse was formed years ago by the four close friends on an unforgettable girls trip to Hawaii. Together they have earned significant accolades including 6 CCMA nominations as a group, eight Country Music Alberta Awards and winning the 2021 Western Canadian Music Award for Country Artist of the Year.

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