Meet Juliet Zawedde, a Ugandan-American entrepreneur, versatile musical artist

Juliet Zawedde is a Ugandan-American music entrepreneur and artist known for releasing song beats with different producers.

Ms. Zawedde, who lives in the Waltham suburb of Boston, Massachusetts, was born on July 17, 1979 in Nateete Rubaga Division in Kampala.

She describes herself as a versatile musical artist who can sing along to any musical rhythm.

Zawedde studied in Uganda for her primary and secondary education and later moved to America for college education in Boston, USA.

According to Juliet Zawedde, she used to make musical beats in school simply because she was very passionate about it and she didn’t do it for the money but just for love.

According to Zawedde, who is one of the most searched artists right now, he managed to release so many other popular beats like Drillz, Lollipop, and most recently Bosslady and so many other beats.

Juliette attributes her musical success not only to talent but also to favor.

According to her, talent alone is not enough and there are many very talented people, but in reality, they take time to break through.

She is one of the rising music artists who are becoming very popular in Uganda and America.

Juliet Zawedde started Convinient Home Care and her NGO Juliet Zawedde Foundation which reached different people with support.

She became a hero to many and was dubbed Humanitarian of the Year.

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Juliet Zawedde, through her Juliet Zawedde Foundation, has donated US$100,000 to needy groups in Uganda.

The humanitarian is already helping a number of people, including paying school fees and later caring for Ronald Sebulime’s 4 children.

She also helped a number of people who urgently needed money for treatment.

The general public raved about her for her good heart.