Meet Rising Musical artist VDJ Ronik aka Gagandeep Singh Walia.

Rising musical artist VDJ Ronik has been making a big splash in India. Music has always been part of his life journey. He is best known in Bollywood. He recently released the single “Chaand Baliyan Remix”, with his partner DJ Ria.

Gagandeep Singh Walia, known professionally as VDJ Ronik, was born in Delhi. VDJ Ronik is an Indian musician and independent artist. VDJ Ronik was around 12 years old when he discovered his passion for music. His true passion came from rapping and live performance. VDJ Ronik exudes pure love and madness for music and has become a self-taught success story in the Indian music scene. Over the years, people have known individuals, especially young people, creating their unique niche in their respective industries. The world has also noticed the rise of some incredibly talented beings who have worked in all industries with the goal of achieving excellence instead of chasing after success. The music world has produced many such professionals in the form of singers, songwriters, rappers, producers, entertainers and others, but among them a few rare gems stand and are unique from the rest. Gagandeep Singh Walia popularly known as VDJ Ronik is one of them and has undoubtedly become a favorite of many listeners and DJ enthusiasts in India.

VDJ Ronik is gradually heading to the top of the Indian music scene as a rising DJ artist. He has released several singles over the past few years, including his latest tracks titled “Pasoori”, “Biba (Remix)”, “295 (Remix)”, “Ranjha Jogi (Remix)”, “Rangisari (Remix)” and “National Anthem. “. ‘, “Chaand Baliyan (Remix). He releases his albums on different music platforms like Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Jio Saavn Hungama and many more. Over the years, by proving continued his skills as a DJ, he even became a professional musical artist.

His successes in music as a DJ have, throughout his career, featured him in some of the best media in the world and won him immense love and applause from the public, which has further increased his notoriety as a as a musical artist.

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