Milwaukee Records’ Favorite Music Videos from Milwaukee in 2021


Yesterday we shared our Milwaukee’s favorite music in 2021; today is our favorite Milwaukee music videos 0f 2021. Sit back and enjoy some funny, weird, creative and downright awesome music videos.

B ~ Free – “It could be us”
Released in August, “This could be us” was B ~ Freefollows an earlier summer jam, “Hate 2 Luv”. Similar to this song, “This could be us” is fantastic. The sound might have a silky 2000s vibe, but the subject matter – dating from the digital age – is all 2021. The video, which finds B ~ Free and his friends in all the glory of a girl group, was shot at Selfie Hop & Selfie Studios WRLD in Milwaukee and Brookfield, respectively. [Matt Wild]

Diet Lite – “Man Ray”
Lean dietThe “Man Ray” video from “Man Ray” is a part There is no country for old people and part of a skate video, with a hint of Say anything influence thrown in for good measure. And if that fun, no-budget video with a surprising finishing touch isn’t enough to earn a click from you, the song “Man Ray” is pretty good too. [Tyler Maas]

Direct hit! – “Sacred comfort”
Yes, the ‘make free stock footage clip of a song’ thing has been done before (and we’re not flipping it, use those free footage!), But accomplished the Milwaukee punk outfit. Direct hit! does it as well as we’ve ever seen it in her “Hollow Comfort” music video. Looping animation by artist Walker Dubois adds to the aura of helplessness director Ben Sargent conveys through vintage clips he has collected. Together, this multimedia effort is a simple yet effective visual pairing for excellent Direct Hit! Single. [TM]

Eddy J. Lemberger – “You have lust! (I love my Milwaukee Bucks!) ”
This song rules and this video is awesome. There is nothing to add. [TM]

Immortal Girlfriend – “Other”
Not content with continuously making Milwaukee’s best music for years, the duo synthwave Immortal girlfriend spent 2021 making some of the best music videos get out of Milwaukee in years. The incredible music video for “Others” was written and directed by Bash aka Ryan Bingham and Josh Paul Halverson. We won’t spoil a thing, so just hit play and revel in the timeless “couple-moves-to-the-burbs-and-shit-gets-out-of-hand-and-kind-of-Black-Mirror – y-true-fast atmosphere. [MW]

Klassik – “Black Holidays”
Tireless artist from Milwaukee Klassik marked this year’s Juneteenth with a new song and video, “Black Holiday”. Of the song, Klassik said: “The summer of 2020 has sparked many fires, literally and figuratively, and the blaze of frustration, and an urgent sense of responsibility to express that rage and passion, created this song. ” Of the video, he explained, “The visual, directed by myself, shot by Samer Ghani, designed by Rakim and edited by Blizz, is meant to capture the frenzy and disorientation that this rage can engender, instilling a sense of urgency and distrust. it is the driving theme of the song and the visual. [MW]

Lakeyah – “313-414”
Adding to a breakout year that found Lakeyah be appointed to XXL Store’s 2021 freshman class and becoming a household name in her hometown and beyond, the Milwaukee-born rapper also took center stage in one of the city’s top music videos. With help from Jerry Productions, Lakeyah and Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley pride themselves on their respective area codes in the next-level music video for “313-414” which features dazzling aerial shots of Milwaukee, elegant backdrops from the downtown and the video star sporting lots of Bucks gear. [TM]

Negative / Positive – “And Sardines”
Former group of pre-teens Negative positive grew in 2021, releasing the excellent Mint Bag (Bag Full of Mints) and playing a series of shows of sorts, maybe farewell before its members leave for college. If it wasn’t nostalgic enough, Mint bagThe penultimate track of “And Sardines” is practically brimming with bitter-sweetness of coming of age, telling the story of childhood best friends who have drifted apart. The sweet, sad video for the song, co-directed by singer Ava Gessner, puts it more specific, depicting the group re-enacting a children’s birthday party and playing toy instruments. [MW]

Reality TV – “Tobey Maguire”
Disappointed with the third installment of the Spider-Man film franchise, two moviegoers seek to wash away the bitter taste of Spider-man 3 paying homage to the first two superhero films starring Tobey Maguire. So goes the plot in Reality showThe “Tobey Maguire” music video is aptly named. The hip-hop duo of Slang Troubadour and GetMoses star on this ambitious and well-executed show directed by Jens Rhude, which skillfully mixes a fun track with equally enjoyable sequences. [TM]

Rexxx – “Lost Cause”
The devil is in the details, and there are plenty of sinister delicacies to be discovered in the video for RexxxThe exuberant “Lost Cause”: the creepy worship, the touches of animation, the “big red church” of Marquette University, the occasional smoking. They’re all here in a beautifully shot production that embodies Rexxx’s endlessly enjoyable 2020 LP track: Pure pleasure. [MW]

Something to Do – “Let’s Break Some Laws”
In her “Let’s Break Some Laws” video, veteran Milwaukee-Madison’s outfit ska Something to do uses “deepfake” technology – that is, that terrifying thing that quite credibly replaces someone’s face on videos – to insert limbs into classic movie clips. Between the altered images and the false reviews (including one attributed to Milwaukee Record) accompanying the catchy ska-punk act, Something To Do achieves an Oscar-caliber credit streak and some pretty hilarious music video concept. [TM]

Trapper Schoepp – “River called disaster”
We’ve all been through this: it’s been another terrible year, you’re “hunched over and beaten and broken and bruised,” and you find yourself playing the piano in the middle of a river. What to do? If you are a Milwaukee troubadour Trapper Schoepp, and you make a video for your song “River Called Disaster” (from the heart on its sleeve Help LP), you set the piano on fire and let the suction cup burn. Accessories to Schoepp for diving into the burning instrument for many longer than expected. [MWITW]

Valerie Lighthart – “Savior”
You only have to look at a picture of a Valerie Lighthart video to know that it is indeed a video of Valerie Lighthart. For Emry Briskey’s music video for “Savior” (from 2021 TP. I: THE GODDESS EP), Lighthart mixes a Victorian vibe with a glam 30s starlet aesthetic to produce another lush and memorable visual. Some low-resolution camera-phone footage only adds to the spellbinding, timeless quality of the video. [MW]

Vincent Van Great and Amanda Huff – “Stuffed Double Strawberry”
Vincent Van Great and Amanda Huff
paired in 2021 for the magnificent record of seven tracks The troublemakers. Van Great’s visual for the lead single “Double Strawberry Plush” is a candy-colored, kaleidoscopic cavalcade of cascading strawberries (natch) that doesn’t feature one, or two, but Three Vincent Van Greats and Amanda Huffs. It’s a fun, sexy, and ultimately sweet portrayal of The troublemakers‘the funniest, most seductive and ultimately the sweetest songs. [MW]

You win !!! – “Palm tree”
The video for “Painmonger”, a sad and deceptively dance-y single You win !!! released in the spring — finds self-proclaimed “trip-hop / dark pop” duo and director Brendan Thain Jones addressing the song’s themes of pain and the social implications of trauma by featuring wrestlers engaged in a brutal match. Filmed at the Dropout Fight Club (a new boxing hall in Riverwest), the video above and beyond shows wrestlers Zach Hendrix and Kurt Krueger fighting in the ring as a referee attempts to hold off a bit. order in the game. Between the blows, unruly onlookers cheer for the punishment and You Win !!! treats viewers averse to violence at certain performance sequences. [TM]

“No alarm clock! “
Want to watch some of your favorite Milwaukee artists float gently down the Milwaukee River and perform some of their best songs? If so, you are in luck, because the Silver City Studios product “No alarm clock! “ the series gives you exactly that. An episode of SistaStrings was released in October, and Klassik and Caley Conway installments are on their way.

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