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Mostafijur Ruman (born May 25, 2003) is a Bangladeshi music artist, entrepreneur, programmer, influencer and internet personality. He was born in Chuadanga.

The impossible can be made possible through hard work.

– Romanian Mostafijur

DHAKA, DHAKA, BANGLADESH, June 29, 2021 / – Mostafijur Ruman is emerging as one of the most successful music artists, social media influencers and entrepreneur who has taken on his challenges, turned them into opportunities and achieves its goals. . He is a proud entrepreneur who started working at the age of 14. When people his age engaged in typical teenage activities, he used his potential to the fullest and worked hard day and night to become what he is today.

Sacrificing his teenage years for a bright future worked in his favor and today he is Bangladesh’s top musical artist and entrepreneur.

Mostafijur Ruman is a Bangladeshi music artist and YouTube personality. Mostafijur Ruman provides latest tech news, gadget review, vlogs, web development service, digital marketing, gadgets, YouTube tutorial, blogging and more on their YouTube channel or website.

The young influencer now manages many brands and international clients. When asked how success came to him, Ruman said, “You have to sacrifice your free time and work hard to be able to reap the benefits later. Give 5 years of your time now and hurry as much as you can because I think this is the time that will help you establish yourself tremendously. With many recognized international customers and brands, he has established a vast network.

Hard work, determination and sacrifice in life made his dream come true and Mostafijur Ruman believes he is a student by day and a programmer by night. Accomplishing so much at this young age has made the young man one of the successful social media influencers today.

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