Music artist Anthony “Baby Taz” Park gives insight into his music, rap and lifestyle

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 21, 2022 / — Baby Taz became the talk of the town and rose to fame with his mixtape which caught the attention of many music lovers. He went on to release more singles like Fortune Over Fame, Poison and his most recent, Broken, months later the tracks are still rocking out at clubs and events around the US.

Anthony “Baby Taz” Park was born in Los Angeles, California and has been an artist since he was 16 years old. He is a young prodigy who is delighted with the progress made in such a short time. Baby Taz has always had a love for music… feeling it’s his destiny. From a mixtape, Fortune Over Fame, to tracks like Poison, Dreamchasers, and his most recent, Broken, Baby Taz exemplifies that dedication and commitment.

Taz continues to make his mark with his latest No Smoke video release featuring Lil Shawn & YaeYae. This track is part of the project and is absolute blabla if you reside on the west coast. The track details the struggles of being young, poor, and wanting to find a way of life in a dangerous city. With fierce preacher street lyrics and a production

The multi-talented rap artist was in Los Angeles, California, and always had a thing for hip hop. He started rapping and composing songs at an early age. He used to jot down his thoughts on the world around him. He’s been rapping and producing amazing hip-hop hits since he was 17. With his thought-provoking lyrical masterpieces, he quickly gained a huge reputation in the global hip hop scene. His artistic ego has made him a sensation still very grounded in reality.
“I love to sing, but I can’t sing at all, so I just put melody in my rap.”

With musical influences such as Lil’ Wayne and Tupac, Baby Taz samples old hits and adds his own twist. His lyrics are emotive, impactful and motivating, whether catchy or melodic. He wants to show the rest of the world how to be a good influence in a difficult scenario.

Baby Taz is here to stay and is only beginning to show the music world what he’s capable of. From his visuals to his sound, Taz has begun to chart a distinctive career path that will influence the music of others in the near future.

As a fresh and emerging artist, audiences should expect something more stimulating from this young spirit.
Something truly unique.

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