Music group Massive Attack presents data for the music industry to reduce carbon emissions

The Massive Attack group, which has studied carbon emissions in the music industry, said the government needs to create a strategy to ensure the live music industry meets its climate targets as quickly as possible. Massive Attack provided tour data to experts at the University of Manchester. Additionally, there are few suggestions given by experts at the University of Manchester according to research to help the music industry cut carbon emissions to tackle climate change.

The results are being broadcast throughout the entertainment industry in hopes of inspiring millions of followers to build a more sustainable environment. Since 2019, the latest Massive Attack tour has been studied by researchers at the Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research. They used this research results to learn how to develop a master plan for the entire industry. Their proposals for ultra-low carbon practices are aimed at musicians, promoters, tour directors and agents who should collaborate to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.

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According to the research findings, tour itineraries should be organized in such a way as to minimize travel, transport costs and duration. Music organizers must include the cost of public transport in the purchased ticket. They must use sustainable energy sources on site, such as solar panels. Renewable energy should be used in concert halls and concert halls, as well as energy efficient lighting and sound equipment. Travel between sites can be done using electric cars and railways. Music celebrities have to avoid private jets to fly. Fans who prefer to travel by public transport should be rewarded. According to the study, the music business should only pay to offset carbon pollution when it is no longer viable to reduce it.

Notes from Massive Attack artists

While Massive Attack artist Robert “3D” Del Naja, said the results are not unexpected as measures relating to climate change are already known. Additionally, the study suggests that the entire industry should work together to promote smaller sites. Robert says that if the whole company adheres to these guidelines, it will help avoid the “human code red”, referring to the recent United Nations study on climate change which issued a terrible warning. He further stated that these should be able to demonstrate that they are working with partners to reduce carbon emissions in the places where they operate.

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