Music Group Moksha Base Releases New Tamil Single ”En Uyirai”

MUMBAI: Moksha Base recently released their single on July 1st. The song is a melodious lullaby type tune with a lot of heart, sung by Aswathy Sasidharan. The track depicts a young woman’s expression of love towards her soul mate. Moksha Base guitarist Prasanna Kumar and Keba Jeremiah (guitarist for AR Rahman and Anirudh Ravichander) performed all the acoustic and classical parts of the track with a mix of easy-listening beats. Moksha Base composer Shankar Narayanan completes the song with background vocals, keys and percussion. The melody began with a laid-back buzz with composers Shankar Prasanna bouncing ideas over vocal notes during the Covid pandemic. The next 12 months were spent experimenting with many different versions until the final tracks were presented and the song came to life.

You can go anywhere with this song and New Zealand is full of nature. The highly anticipated video takes us through sweeping vistas giving a cinematic dose of nature. Through many scenes, local Tamil actors Keerthy Varun Sugumar and Thusalini Ariyaratnam take us on a journey showcasing the beauty of Rotorua. There is a special appearance by Eeshan Kumar (son of Prasanna Kumar from Moksha Base) in this video. The name “En Uyirai” means my soul and hence the song encompasses a range of emotions which will hopefully captivate Tamil music lovers all over the world.

Founding members Siva Kumar and Shankar Narayanan have teamed up on an epic journey that began with performing at festivals, art exhibitions and charity events across New Zealand in 2012. Over the years the band became a full group with over 10 members. The musical exploration includes compositions written in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and English to name a few. All singers in Moksha Base are classically trained and the rest of the band are specialists in their own right carrying the beats. Although all the members are busy with their full-time jobs and family commitments, the music brings them together.