Music Group MSE Wows Listeners With New Dub-Funk Song, ‘RIZE UP DEJA VU’

Music Group, (MSE) released one of the most impressive tracks, ‘RIZE UP DEJA VU’. the Henderson’s Alternative Dub-Funk Band made the song very immersive.

Music group, MANIAC SOUND EXPULSION (MSE), composed his last song RIZE UP DEJA VU. The song belongs to the Dub-Funk genre. The group mainly has two members: Sadiesha and producer and drummer KingZilla. Dub-Funk is a musical genre that originated from reggae music in the late 1960s and 1970s. It was once considered the subgenre of electronic music. However, he put his journey aside and began to develop his path as a completely different genre. The music group seems to realize the essence of the genre. Weaving their deep understanding of music, they gave it their best.

The song brings a different kind of vibe through its instrumental affairs. The music is catchy and hypnotic. No heavy beats are involved and the song is naturally infectious. The subtle use of quirks in the song makes it more immersive. One of the most impressive aspects of the song is the funk factor used in it. It made the song more cheerful and joyful. The singing of the artists brought variations to it. Pop vocals were unexpected. However, he improved the creative ability several times. You would like to listen to it more than once.

The soul of the song is its lyrics. Although they aren’t that strong vocally, the lyrics are meaningful and are one of the most important parts of the song. Songs like ‘BE YOUR OWN ROCKSTAR’, A SOUND EXPERIENCE FOR THE LOVELESS’, and others are also hailed in the music world. the Henderson’s Alternative Dub-Funk Band is consistent in its performance. So listen to one of their most impressive songs, ‘RIZE UP DEJA VU’ on Sound Cloud. Learn more about the band MSE, follow them on the official instagram, Facebook, and website.

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