Music group Msondo Ngoma set to perform next month

The show “Cheza Kadansi” will also bring together four other groups.

The show’s coordinator, Benard James, mentioned bands like Bogoss Musica led by Nyoshi El-Saadat, Waluguru Original from Morogoro, Mjengoni Classic from Arusha and Mapacha Watatu led by singer Joseph Mponezya aka “Jose Mara”.

James said the show is a continuation of the country’s dance music revival, adding that it took place in various regions.

According to the coordinator, the show “Cheza Kadansi” last took place in Mwanza in February this year.

“Next month we will hold this show in Kinondoni, Dar es Salaam and then we will schedule to continue the show in other areas as apart from Mwanza we have held it in Arusha, Morogoro and Dodoma,” noted James .

He explained that it would be the first time he has invited the Msondo Ngoma Music Band since the start of the show “Cheza Kadansi” more than three years ago.

James added that he will continue to involve many bands and groups in the show “Cheza Kadansi”.

“Despite the various challenges, dance music continues to return to its original form, so we are actively organizing the show ‘Cheza Kadansi’,” he said.

He said the show aims to encourage dance music performers to continue supporting the music genre.

The coordinator noted that the show was more about persuading owners of local radio and television stations to give dance music plenty of space in their media, as had been the case in previous years.

“If you hear the show ‘Cheza Kadansi’ or ‘Wafia Dansi’, then the goal is that we are still fighting for dance music to return to its original status, as it has recently proven to be somewhat stagnant “, did he declare.

He said that dance musicians are also at the forefront of posting good compositions which are uploaded to artists’ respective social media pages.

According to him, this is part of the efforts that are made so that dance music does not fall into oblivion.