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There are some actors whose absence from screens is deeply missed by both their fans and the general public. Saba Qamar is definitely one of the top artists. The Baaghi the actress has been off the screens for some time now.

Its last drama to air was the 2019 superhit ‘Cheekh ‘. Saba also touched her hands behind the camera with Qubool – a music video for the song by Bilal Saeed in which she performed and directed. But that was in 2020. For most of the year 2021, Saba has been away from the screens.

However, being absent does not mean being inactive. Saba Qamar is literally on a roll with a multitude of projects she is working on.

Movies, dramas, music videos and films

Saba Qamar is ready to rock all screens with an impressive number of 10 new projects. Lollywood Galaxy contacted Saba Qamar for first-hand information on each of them.

She hinted at her upcoming projects on her Instagram via cleverly crafted articles and stories. Without divulging any concrete details, these posts she wrote are enough to pique the curiosity and intrigue of the public.

Music Videos

She recently posted a harmonium jam video with Asim Azhar, making her fans wonder if she was going to start in Asim Azhar’s next music video.

Saba has officially confirmed Lollywood Galaxy that she’s in Asim’s next music video. And she doesn’t play it alone. Saba will be paired with Fahad Mustafa in the video.

“I am working with Fahad and Asim for this clip. It will be a fun song that the audience will surely enjoy,” Saba shared.

That’s not all. Besides Asim Azhar’s song, Saba has two other music videos in the works, one of which will be for a song by Abrar ul Haq.

Abrar ul Haq has given Pakistani pop music iconic jams with unforgettable music videos and Saba Qamar promises her next release will be in the same vein.

“This song has the fun vibe of Abrar ul Haq. I’m very excited to be a part of it.” Saba Qamar did not reveal more details about the song, but her enthusiasm for it only means that it will be something worth waiting for.

There’s another clip she signed up for, but she couldn’t reveal any details about it. However, she did confirm that there are a total of three music videos that her fans can expect her to be a part of.


On the drama side, Saba Qamar is ready to make up for her nearly two-year absence from television screens with two dramas. One of the dramas, ‘Tumhare Husn Ke Naam ‘, written by Umera Ahmed and starring Imran Abbas has already been filmed.

Following this, Saba signed another Umera Ahmed script. Although she has not revealed any details about it and has been silent on who is playing in the drama with her, Saba shared that this is a drama that will put her in a role. never seen before ”.


Publish his drama ‘Cheekh ‘, Saba had been busy with her films which unfortunately still did not come out due to the closing of the cinemas. However, with the announcement by the Pakistani government of the reopening of cinemas, it looks like 2022 will be the year when many Pakistani films will finally be released to the delight of audiences.

Saba Qamar has two films ready for release. The star of Sarmad Khoosat ‘Kamli‘ and the Masala artist ‘Ghabrana Mana Hai‘in which she plays alongside Zahid Ahmed and Syed Jibran.

Web series

With the music videos, dramas, and movies covered, what is Saba Qamar left to shine in a web series. Well, Saba is one of two upcoming web series that will air on two different platforms. There is the highly anticipated Zee5 web series Mann jogi with Nouman Ijaz directed by Kashif Nisar and an untitled Urduflix web-series. While the cast of the Urduflix web series has yet to be announced, Saba Qamar has been hired as the frontman and the series is said to be a romantic comedy with an exciting angle. To top it off, it is rumored that Saba Qamar will also be seen in an ISPR TV movie.

She really took care of all these miscellaneous projects that she has in her pussy. The ‘Baaghi ‘ is really set to dominate screens of all sizes very soon.


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