New Amazon Music Playlist Submission Tool Released

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Submit your songs to Amazon Music curators to get your songs on playlists using the New Release Pitch Tool.

Amazon Music is following Spotify by launching its own playlist pitch tool. Using Amazon Music for Artists, you can now submit songs to Amazon Music for review on their curated playlists.

If you’re not successful, the New Version Launcher will always help your versions in other ways. You give Amazon Music all the info it needs to give your songs a boost in other areas like browsing by genre. So even if you think you don’t have much of a chance to grab the attention of the editorial team, it’s worth a try.

In addition to potentially reaching organized playlists, thanks to the information you submit, your fans and followers will receive alerts such as activity feed posts and push notifications for your new releases. Amazon’s Alexa Assistant will also give fans tips on how to stream your songs.

So what’s the best way to start Amazon playlists? Amazon Music has released a how-to guide to follow – read on to find out more.

How to Submit Songs to Amazon Music Playlists

On the Amazon Music for Artists app, go to New versions. You can submit one track per new release – Amazon recommends that you choose the lead single, the track that you think people will like the most.

The pitch is 1000 characters. This is your chance to convince Amazon Music that your song is going to work; and it’s not just about the way the music sounds.

So in the pitch, in addition to choosing a song genre and lyrics language, explain your plan for things like marketing, promoting the release, how you’re going to keep fans engaged on mediums like media. social, live concerts and radio plays.

This is the basis of the pitch, but you can also go deeper, as Amazon Music wants to know who your fanbase could be. You will be asked what is the mood of your song – is it romantic or dark? – and also where you imagine the listeners putting your tune – whether it’s relaxing or working out.

You can also choose up to three artists that are similar to your release, and Amazon Music will give you suggestions based on other artists that listeners often stream. It will also ask you where your biggest fan base is.

Check your pitch and hit TP submit!

What songs can I submit to Amazon Music?

You can only use the tool to feature new music and one track per single, EP, or album. Also, make sure you receive your pitch up to 14 days after the day of release.

Amazon Music says you will only be able to offer music that is distributed with streaming rights. Without streaming rights, your music is only available as a digital download from the Amazon store rather than for download and streaming.

What can’t I offer to Amazon Music?

Re-releases are not allowed to be submitted, so no remastered tracks or pre-released album single. You also cannot submit multiple versions of the same song.

Start showcasing your release on Amazon Music for Artists here. Good luck!

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