New Country Music Playlist 2022: Sam Williams and More

Every week the wide open country the team rounds up our favorite new country, folk, bluegrass and Americana songs for the wide open country Six-pack.

This week’s roundup includes a moving exploration of the legacy of Sam Williams, a honky-tonk stunner from Shawn Hess, a touching tribute from Florida Georgia Line and more.

Here are 6 new songs you need to know this week.

“Tilted Crown”, Sam Williams

sam williams, the grandson of “Hillbilly Shakespeare” Hank Williams, counts with the weight of his surname on “Tilted Crown”. But the song goes beyond the exploration of being a famous son and taps into the universal experience of loss, grief and trauma and discovering your personal heritage.

“The first verse of ‘Tilted Crown’ was a poem I had written, and I had just hit a dead end. I just knew I had to take it and turn it into a song,” Williams said in a statement. hurry. “It’s kind of if everybody’s life was royal or medieval or you want to explain it and the things that were happening to me at that phase of my life…I felt like I was losing things and God kept taking things from me and I was in this position of a war with my life. I think it’s about carrying your legacy, and I’m not just talking about my legacy in music. I want to say each other’s legacy and to live it in the best way possible with all that you face in this life.”

The powerful video for the song was directed by brother-sister duo Alexa and Stephen Kinigopoulos of Running Bear and filmed at the Historic Belcourt Theater in the Village of Hillsboro in Nashville, Tennessee.

“I wanted the video to be watched as a piece of my life. It shows the pressure, the grief and the loss, and a ray of hope,” Williams said. “It’s a tragedy with a silver lining. I hope it inspires people to overcome adversity and be themselves.”

— Bobbie Jean Sawyer

“Ramblin’ Soul”, Melissa Carper

Melissa Carper captures the freewheeling life of traveling musicians on the fiery “Ramblin’ Soul”, the title track from her upcoming album (out November 18 via Thirty Tigers).

“I wrote ‘Rambolin’ Soul’ while driving down the road on a familiar trip from Arkansas to Texas,” Carper said in a statement. “I had just spent time with some musician friends and felt invigorated. On this trip, I realized how much this free and turbulent life I have lived over the years has boosted my creative process. Arkansas , Texas and Tennessee have been states that I keep circling in as well as New Mexico and Minnesota so those places have made their way into the song I say “you can’t keep me in a hole, ’cause Lord, I’m a ramblin’ soul. By that I mean, if something isn’t working for me and making me happy or it seems like I’m in a rut somewhere, then I move on to the next thing that works for me, or I go out of town to a bit to find new inspiration and a new perspective. That’s really the point, trying to go with the flow of life wherever it seems the Universe is leading me.

Ramblin’Soul is the sequel to Carper’s 2021 LP The gold of daddy’s country.

“Friend”, Shawn Hess

From the periphery – in the sense of musical outsider and cowboy attire – rises Shawn Hess, a country singer and songwriter from Laramie, Wyo. based in Laramie, Wyo. His new album Hi my friend offers an investigation into the history of twangy music, from the daredevil “Honky Tonk Connoisseur” and the western mourner “I Stay Away” to this, a galloping honky-tonk stunner that showcases Hess’ crystal-clear vocal delivery and his knack for doing classic country storytelling suits modern times.

-Bobby Moore

“The Takeaway Life”, Billy Strings

Billy Strings preserved the proud lineage of bluegrass family-centric collaborations by recording an appropriately titled album. ME/AND/DAD (released November 18) with her father, musician Terry Barber.

“As far back as I can remember, I wanted to make a record with my dad. I’ve been burning the highways for the past 12 years, and as time goes by, you start thinking, ‘I need some take time,'” Strings said in a statement. “It’s been a to-do list for me, something I was afraid I wouldn’t find the time to do. And that scared me; Not making this record scared me.”

Two songs from the project are currently playing: a rendition of the traditional tune “Long Journey Home” and a cover of George Jones’ “Life to Go”. With the latter, the duo utilizes the malleability of Jones’ original to bluegrass instrumentation and harmonies – something already established by Ralph Stanley II and the 2017 version of the Clinch Mountain Boys.

-Bobby Moore

“Life”, Florida Georgia Line

I’m still not sure that after a decade of bro-country bliss, Florida Georgia Line has decided to go their separate ways. The duo are ending their time together on a high, releasing a greatest hits album slated for release on November 9. There are three unreleased tracks included on the upcoming album, including “Life”. As Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard prepare to fully dive into their solo careers, this latest album feels like the end of an era. Especially this new song where they sing, “it’s just life and how it goes”.

Although FGL is famous for its festive anthems and country rap hits, “Life” is a touching tribute to the things you learn through the ups and downs of life. They sing about all the learnings, blessings and growth opportunities that make life what it is. Sounds like a fitting unreleased track to close their chapter as a duo.

-Courtney Fox

“Y’all Life”, Walker Hayes (with Ciara)

This southern anthem collab between Walker Hayes and Texas-born Ciara is so much fun. Hayes has already proven himself to be the king of viral hits with “Fancy Like” and dare I say “Y’all Life” is even more catchy. The vibrant tune features nods to Nelly throughout the song, a rapper we know loves country music so much he’s had numerous country collaborations and even named his classic rap album. Country grammar.

Hayes and Ciara performed their new collaboration at the CMT Artists of The Year 2022 event. Although the original version of the single was released in August, this new version with Ciara really takes it a step further and makes it even better.

-Courtney Fox

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