New Orleans Music Playlist Episode 714

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NEW ORLEANSNew Orleans Music Playlist is a show dedicated to showcasing the best of our local artists. Episode 714 features songs from PJ Morton, Robin Barnes, Nigel Hall, Davell Crawford, Bon Bon Vivant, and JAM Brass Band.

You might know PJ Morton as a keyboardist, singer, songwriter, or maybe as a producer. He is all that and more. The New Orleans artist grew up around music with his father Bishop Paul S. Morton. He’s been around the world with Maroon 5. And, as a solo artist, he’s released critically acclaimed albums, winning multiple Grammys. In this episode, he performs “Go Thru Your Phone” from his album Okra.

Robin Barnes, the songbird of New Orleans, has lived his life on stage. She tells how, when she was only six years old, she knew she would become a singer. Robin Barnes performs the hit “Ruler of My Heart” by Irma Thomas.

Nigel Hall came to New Orleans from the east coast and had no problem fitting in. Its sound is a combination of R&B, soul and funk. But, he’s also known for his work with experimental psychedelic funk band Lettuce. Nigel Hall performs “Gimme a Sign” by Ladies and Gentlemen … Nigel Hall.

New Orleans has produced some of the greatest pianists in the world. Go ahead and add Davell Crawford to that list. He won the title of “Piano Prince of New Orleans” for his ability to play all types of styles. Davell Crawford performs a classic: “Make Me a Pallet”.

The music comes in several flavors. Some groups choose one and stick to it. And then there are groups like Bon Bon Vivant, which draw from all the influences that surround them. Of course, in New Orleans they have a lot to learn. Bon Bon Vivant performs “Lady Luck” by Painting and pageantry.

If there is one element of the music that best represents New Orleans to the rest of the world, it is the marching band. They lead the second line down the street and take control when they appear on stage. This is true of JAM Brass Band, which was known to have excited fans for the Saints’ games on BMC. JAM Brass Band performs “Anthem”.

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