Omkar Vishwakarma is a rising music artist and tech YouTuber


Omkar Vishwakarma is just a 19-year-old boy from Kanpur who has produced many music videos and is now also active as a tech YouTuber and creating amazing content on social media. Omkar has a vision to create high quality music albums in the future.

Omkar comes from a very modest background. His family faces many difficulties. Previously, they lived in the village of Varanasi, then they moved to Kanpur. Omkar lives with his mother and 2 sisters. He is also the founder and CEO of the label Avient Music Entertainment.

Omkar started his journey with content creation. He made technical videos on YouTube. On youtube he didn’t get much response, his content was good but omkar was not happy with the results he got from youtube but he didn’t give up.

From an early age, Omkar had a deep love and passion for music. He also likes hip-hop, melody and soul. Music is Omkar’s passion and he wants to grow as a musician and he is on his way to success in music. He has already launched his music Tu itni khubsurat hai, tumhe dillagi. In the future, he plans to create and release more songs independently.

According to Omkar, everyone needs 2 hobbies, one that can make you happy and one that can make you money, but his two hobbies of music and content creation make him happy and earn him money. What’s better than that?? Omkar is in the process of creating his own music to follow his passion and inspire young people along his difficult journey. Now Omkar has 3 years experience in this field.

Omkar has produced many music videos. He also works for the culture of Uttar Pradesh. Omkar is best known for his song Tu itni khubsurat hai. Under the label of his company Avient Music Entertainment, he will release new songs in the future. His songs are available on Amazon music, Spotify, apple music, tidal and several platforms.

Omkar is an independent artist who believes in himself to motivate himself to work harder and harder. One of the reasons for Omkar’s incredible journey is his loyal fan base. They have always supported and encouraged him in his work. In the future, omkar will come with more music and masterpiece content.

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