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Music Feeds’ New Aus Music playlist is updated once a week with our favorite Australian releases from the previous seven days. This week’s playlist features the sound of upcoming Aussie hip hop aka Mulalo’s ‘Tracy Grimshaw’, Suiix’s psychedelic pop song ‘All the Time’, sure to please fans of Tame Impala, the cool indie pop laced with funk from Melbourne’s Cool Sounds, and more.

The New Aus Music Playlist is a great way to learn about local music, discover new artists and support the Australian music industry. So grab your headphones or aux cable and fire up this week’s must-have new releases. Head here to see previous installments of the playlist.

Listen to the playlist of the month

New Australian Music Playlist ADDED – 8/12/22

Mulalo – ‘Tracy Grimshaw’

Cool Sounds – ‘6 or 7 more’

D4 – ‘Medicine’

Elizabeth – “Sweet Connection”

Taka Perry – “ALIVE”

AKOSIA – ‘Bang Bang’

Mia Wray – ‘Proof’

Sunbeam Sound Machine – “I promise I’ll try to give you all my love”

doe – ‘boythots’

The Murlocs – ‘Compos Mentis’

Suiix – “All The Time”

Hallie – ‘Do It’

Freya Josephine Hollick – ‘Me and Mine’

Dante knows – ‘Balancher’

Mayzie – ‘Socialite’

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