Play Mic’s 80s & 90s R&B Music Playlist by DJ Cassidy

When it comes to music, the ’80s and’ 90s had it all, from bubblegum pop songs to boy band ballads to R&B hits. Now you can relive the beloved decades with some of DJ Cassidyfavorite hits of.

Endless in view of the coronavirus pandemic, Cassidy – who mixed records with Beyonce and Jay Zmarriage and president of 2008 Barack obamaopening night of 2009 – brought together some of the most renowned artists from decades to entertain people with its digital series, Pass the microphone.

In honor of the release of the third volume, Cassidy, 39, shared his top R&B picks from the ’80s and’ 90s – and why he loves them – with Us weekly. Keep scrolling for the nostalgic tracks!

“Make It Last Forever” by Keith Sweat

“[This is] a pivotal romance with New Jack Swing – [it’s] equally perfect on a stormy night and a sunny afternoon. ”

“Come and tell me” about Jodeci

“Low” by SWV

“[This was] my sixth grade ballroom hymn. And [it’s] the coolest R&B ballad of the 90s.

“Baby baby baby” by TLC

“When the sun is shining and it’s hot, that’s what I do to create an instant party atmosphere. “

Shanice’s “I love your smile”

“As the title suggests, this’ 90s wellness classic makes you smile instantly every time.”

“Spread My Wings” by Troop

“Returned” by Chuckii Booker

“I can’t stop” by After 7

“Dial My Heart” by The Boys

“Wait” by En Vogue

Jade’s “don’t go”

Pass the microphone volume 3

“Here we go again” by Portrait

“II Hype” by EnTouch

“Why are you getting funky on me” by today

“This is not my type of hype” by Full Force

“[This is] the pivotal song from the classic Kid ‘N Play movie “House Party” from House party the soundtrack remains the iconic house party record of all time.

“Everything will be fine” by Father MC

“I dream” by Christopher Williams

“Rub You the Right Way” by Johnny Gill

“Poison” by Bell Biv DeVoe

“[This is] the biggest party record of the 90s – [it’s] even more universally explosive than thirty years ago.

“My prerogative” by Bobby Brown

“Yes [Michael Jackson’s] ‘Billie Jean’ was the coolest R&B record of the early ’80s,’ My Prerogative ‘was the coolest R&B record of the late’ 80s.

“If it’s not love” by the new edition

“Everyone was inspired by the iconic choreography of this song, even Beyoncé.”

“Rump Shaker” by Wreckx-N-Effect

“The iconic Teddy Riley anthem shaking the booty is rocking clubs today like it’s 1992.”

Boyz II Men ‘End of the Road

“The most iconic farewell song of all time never said goodbye and never will.”

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