Qaseem Haider Qaseem: Music videos have become a godsend for actors like me | Hindi Movie News

Qaseem Haider Qaseem started his career with a TV show Kahin Der Na Ho Jaye. But even after years, he couldn’t get career-changing roles in TV and Bollywood. Now, the actor has done a lot of music videos and he says these are like a blessing in disguise for actors like him. “If a music video is good and reaches a wider audience, people spread immense love. But even now, making a music video is difficult because it’s not easy to get a good music label A music video is only a godsend for an actor if it is released by a big platform, otherwise your hard work goes unnoticed due to lack of audience,” he says.

He says facing the camera was something that made him really nervous, but over the years he got comfortable with it. “When I started my career in the industry, I used to be nervous in front of the camera. I was nervous at first, but after playing this role, my fears and nervousness disappeared and I felt good in front of the camera. I never stopped after that. I got many roles after that and my love for the theater has only grown stronger over time,” he says.

He further adds that a few people he worked with changed his life as an artist. “People like director Hamid Ali, who gave Rani Mukerji a break from film Mehendi was one of his experiences. Apart from him, working with trans model Navya Singh and Marathi actress Shreya Kulkarni will also be my memorable passages”, he concludes.