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NEXT RWANDAN ARTIST Sobermind is about to release their new playlist with a new face in the music industry.

Real name Kevin Nshuti Mugabo, the artist who makes rap as a musical genre seeks to explore other genres.

“I love music, it’s like therapy for me, going deep into these frequencies and vibrations, there is medicine,” Nshuti said.

After a long time without releasing a song, Nshuti has some great plans for the future, including a five-song playlist featuring Romeo Cartel, which is slated for release on October 15.

“I grew up exploring music from all angles, and since then it has become my best friend,” he added.

Nshuti joined the music industry in 2018 when he released “Grind,” which he said was just an essay that paved the way for him in the industry.

“I take inspiration from my everyday life, past events and a beat that all generates a certain vibe, and that’s why I create my songs,” he said.

He added that the people around him also play an important role in the creation of his music.

So far, Nshuti has released more than 10 songs, most of which are feature films, which he says have helped him build a local fan base and expose himself to fantastic opportunities, which he says. has exploited. Some of his songs are; ‘3 am In The Booth’, with Honest Ny & Woo Suu and ‘The loop’.

“Rwandan music is like a time bomb about to explode,” said Nshuti, “the old Rwandan musicians have cooked and built our music, and with the new generation that will step in to finalize it, the world will finally know what to do with it. ‘there is so much talent hidden in the heart of Africa.

Asked about the challenges he encountered along the way, Nshuti replied that the most difficult challenge he faced was finding a way to complete certain projects due to various issues, but that he learned to take advantage of every opportunity given to him to achieve his goals.

“I aspire to be great and make a mark in the history of music,” said the artist, adding that he mainly focused on his work as an artist, remaining open to engagement with its audience, thus continuing to evolve in music.

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