Sanam Music Group: Once you release a song, you forget about it and work on the next one


While the group did original work, their recreated numbers also brought them popularity. Band member Venky S. says that while they still want their songs to perform well, once they release one song, they forget about it and work on the next one.

“I think every artist would like their songs to perform well when they put them out. But our goal is to do it – what feels good in the moment and how we do it. Once we put out a song, we forget about it. topic and work on the next one. We love to see organic growth. In fact, songs that didn’t go well when we released them years ago often pick up suddenly and these become the most popular videos. watched for a few months … keeps changing, so it doesn’t make sense to rack your brains over something that is not in our control, ”says Venky.

Samar Puri adds, “For us the process of creating music, filming videos and presenting is the most important thing. We appreciate every moment of it. To work on different ideas before finalizing an area for each song, to think up and execute different visual ideas for each song. The whole process is something that brings us happiness. Seeing how our work in turn affects so many people during the good times and the hard times, just makes us feel like we are on the right track. “

Speaking of the importance of the group to them, Sanam Puri says, “Our group is like a family. more difficult in many ways. Each person has their own challenges and needs support or space at different times, but the love and strength we have together is beyond anything else. We would like to see more groups come up. We have had and will continue to have our own struggles, like everyone else. The key here is that we do what we love to do and we get stronger when we do it together. “

Speaking about the playlist for their new album, band member Keshav Dhanraj claims to have received texts from many fans talking about the importance of their music in people’s lives during the pandemic.

“We started getting so many messages from fans, talking about how our songs impacted their lives during the pandemic – how our songs gave people strength in their most difficult times. that we should create a playlist that can help people, ”he claims, about the project they collaborated with Saregama on.

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