September Roundup + Music Playlist


We are about to end September and with that we look back on our deep dive into the world of natural neutrals. Now that it’s officially fall, we’re all about Scandinavian design and the feelings of hygge, the Danish concept which encompasses feelings of comfort and well-being. Home interiors that incorporate blends of wood tones, rich textures, and natural finishes in furniture and decor, add visual interest to any environment. With warm colors like beige, brown, greige, sand, taupe, cream and gray among favorites for a natural neutral color palette, and terracotta, amber and clay pink as accents , a feeling of natural tranquility emerges effortlessly. Now relax and take it further by listening to our relaxation playlist on Spotify by revisiting these messages.

Villa Kuro: a house in the desert in California inspired by Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophies
We took off for Joshua Tree, CA (in our minds) to a vacation home that could have easily been transported from Japan. Southern California interior design studio MINI INNO designed Villa Kuro with nods to nature and the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, which seeks beauty in perfection. Perfectly blending natural textures, warm accents and contemporary furnishings, this villa is an ideal escape from the city.

modern wooden wall rack with three leather buckles

10 natural and neutral accessories to add warmth and comfort to your home

In case you need some inspiration on finding ways to bring natural neutrals into your own home, we’ve scoured the internet to find 10 accessories to do the trick. From cozy throws to bathroom rugs, ceramic diffusers to self-watering planters, you’re bound to find something you love to add warmth to your space.

modern living room with sofa, carpet and table in neutral colors

Lulu and Georgia launch organic and modern rugs by designer Élan Byrd
Lulu and Georgia’s latest collaboration with artist and textile designer Élan Byrd evokes natural neutrals in a T-shirt. The collection comprises a series of rugs and pillows that are both organic and modern, with varied textures, graphic patterns and rich neutral tones. Earthy, tonal hues highlight the geometric patterns for a bold statement that also remains understated.

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