Shake your tail feather on our 2020 Pride Month music playlist

Before we even get into our 2020 Pride Month music playlist, we all know about the musical talents of Janelle Monae, Tyler the Creator, and Frank Ocean.

Queer artists are breaking into the mainstream left and right. But what about the other black queer and emerging POC artists coming onto the scene?

Here are some new artists to consider when filling your own Pride 2020 playlist.


Anjimile is a trans queer Malawian-American who grew up in Texas. Anjimile’s music is cultivated by the many intersectional connections in their own lives. Their music is raw, intimate, and almost quite calm.

However, they employ different genres of music like indie-pop. Their song “Sonja Smokes Me Out” represents that.


Considered Malaysia’s first queer pop star, AlexTBH is a 23-year-old singer who sings about love and heartbreak. His last release, “Between”, was released on May 15th.

Alex’s songs are inspired by his own stories and his intimate encounters with those close to him. Although his music is lively and cheerful, the stories behind it are complex.

He might actually release new music in July, stay tuned.


CHIKA is a promising rapper, born in Montgomery, Alabama. You may have heard her voice on Jojo’s song, “Sabotage“. Maybe you recognize her from the amazing freestyle she did on Kanye’s “Jesus Walks”beat, where she talks about her support for Trump.

Its latest release, “Industry Games” was released on March 13th. Songs like “Songs About You” or “Balencies” are catchy bops to vibrate on.

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is a bisexual Puerto Rican icon born in New York City. His songs, “Sugar Honey Iced Tea” and “I Like Him” ​​exploded. Nokia incorporates rap and even emo-rap into its songs.

This year, his single, Gemini | At COLORS SHOW, it’s relaxed, with a lo-fi atmosphere.

Shea diamond

Shea Diamond is a trans singer with quite a history. She was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and ran away from home when she was fourteen. At twenty, Shea traveled back and forth to prison after breaking into a convenience store to pay for a gender reassignment operation.

Diamond has written and performed songs to expose police brutality, as well as his own story. His songs “I Am Her” and “I Am America” ​​are very powerful.

Brittany Howard

You may have heard of Brittany Howard from her previous band, Alabama Shakes. Brittany Howard released her debut album, I like, last year only.

Brittany Howard is a proud southerner from Alabama, and you can hear southern influences on her album. His own experiences with racism can be found in songs like “Goat Head”.

Songs like “Stay High” show off her vocals, incorporating false highs and soft sparkles. It offers an intimate atmosphere that is worth listening to.

Dua Saleh

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dua Saleh is a Sudano-American Muslim singer and activist. Last June they released an EP titled ROSETTE, which is ethereal and eclectic, something akin to a fantastic vibe.

Saleh incorporates vivid storytelling and combines different elements of rap and vocals to achieve a different feel. Songs like “windhymn” are sweet and enchanting. In the song “Smut”, they switch between Arabic and English.

Saleh also used their music to speak out on issues such as police brutality, in the song “body cast”.

In an interview along with Michelle Kim, Saleh was asked about the title of ROSETTE EP and his relationship with Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Saleh replied, “How can I imagine queer love in such a radical and deeply complex way? “

Rina sawayama

Rina Sawayama is a very versatile Japanese-British pansexual singer and songwriter. With different styles like nu-metal and teen pop appearing on her tracks, she is definitely a game-changer. Songs like “XS” are reminiscent of early 2000s pop, except with a rock guitar riff throughout.

His tracks do not only include pop styles, but also his own struggle with his identity and his sexuality. For example, take the song “Cherry”, where it talks about her pansexuality.


Born in London and based in LA, Taliwhoah is not just one thing. Elements of his Caribbean heritage, bits of soul and R&B are found in his latest album, Another dimension.

His music is about what defines us and how more and more complicated it can be. The song “Somebody” is a sensual blend of R&B and Afro-Caribbean soul.

Your 2020 Pride Month Music Playlist

It doesn’t matter if Pride Month is what brought you here, hopefully you’ll decide to stay. Check out the playlist at the bottom if you want to hear these artists (and more!) For yourself.

It is clear that all of these performers are bringing something fresh to the table and worth celebrating all year round.