Shubham Patel an Indian entrepreneur, music artist, video director, producer, CEO and founder of “Shubhoomi Entertainment”.

Shubham Patel is an Indian entrepreneur, music artist, video director, producer and he is the CEO and Founder of “Shubhoomi Entertainment”, Gujarat-based film production house and digital advertising agency “Mad Monk-e Digital Marketing “. He is working to transform the world of music video creation and digital marketing. In addition to that, he is also the youngest Gujarati film producer and digital marketing world. Majority of people have to face a lot of struggles and work hard to achieve success in their lives. Shubham Patel is a small-town boy with big dreams and a successful idea to revolutionize the world of film and digital marketing. Shubham Patel has made his way to the moons with his passion for achieving his dream and his digital marketing skills.

Shubham Patel is a 24-year-old self-made first-generation businessman. He is known to be a very dedicated person to his work. Starting his journey from the ground up, Shubham Patel has reached great heights in the industry while inspiring other serial entrepreneurs. Learning the ropes through online courses, he forged his own path and became a reason for the exponential growth of his clients. He spent 4 years of his childhood studying cybersecurity and digital marketing, earned a degree in computer science to further his education as a trained ethical hacker, and has now taken his first steps into the film industry.

Shubham Patel says, “He works hard day and night to achieve his goals on schedule.” Shubham Patel says his next goal is to hit the 1 crore revenue milestone in a single year. Evolving with the changing times, it has embraced the emerging trends of the digital world. Commenting on the journey of Shubhoomi Entertainment’ & Mad Monk-e Digital Marketing., integrating the digital marketing approach, the serial entrepreneur becomes the game-changer for brands rather than just writing a nice-to-have strategy.

As an entrepreneur he has an innate understanding of the film industry and as a filmmaker.

Shubham has distinct creative sensibilities that marry market and imagination. Under him works a group of young filmmakers who help him achieve his vision of making Shubhoomi Entertainment – the best production house in the industry. He is also considered the pioneer of urban films in Gujarati.

Shubham’s belief, conviction and passion has now been shared and celebrated by millions of Gujaratis as his breakthrough film “Gujarati Munna Raja” is coming soon.

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