Slipknot unveils new HD versions of classic music videos

Slipknot has always been a band with great music videos. Naturally, a band of nine masked maniacs playing music with unparalleled intensity is going to look great in movies, but like every other artist of their era, the big-budget music videos they made between the late 90s and the late 2000s weren’t shot and edited in the HD quality that our current devices are capable of accommodating.

Now this is no longer a problem. Over the past week, Slipknot has uploaded HD versions of nearly every music video they released between 1999 and 2008. As Metal injection points out, for some reason “Dead Memories” and “The Nameless” haven’t had a facelift yet (or at least the band haven’t indicated as such), but all the other visuals from the self-titled album through All hope is lost look much cleaner and sleeker than before.

Grab your screen in the sharpest video quality and spin these classic bad boys below via YouTube.

Video of Slipknot – Wait And Bleed [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Spit It Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Left Behind [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Duality [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Slipknot Video – Before I Forget [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Vermilion [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Vermillion Pt. 2 [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Psychosocial [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Psychosocial [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Video of Slipknot – Sulfur [OFFICIAL VIDEO] of Slipknot – Snuff [OFFICIAL VIDEO]