Songfest India’s goal would be to generate story-based music videos and create premium content with brands and OTTs in the music space, said Songfest India co-founder and CEO Gaurav Dagaonkar.

MUMBAI: Music director, singer and songwriter Gaurav Dagaonkar, who is also co-founder and CEO of Songfest India, gave an overview of Songfest Xplore.

He also highlighted how Songfest Xplore is different from any other IP that supports independent music creators and how they select their artists.

Check out the interview below:

What was your motivation to start Songfest Xplore with various independent musical talents from all over India?

Songfest India itself was launched in 2018 with the dream of creating exciting music with talented artists. Since the creation of Songfest, we have managed to create several award-winning IPs. Although we have worked with established artists like Shaan, Monali Thakur, Nikhil D’souza, Songfest is a platform that believes in giving independent artists or newbies a chance to show their talent. The idea to launch Xplore emerged during the pandemic when we saw the effect the lockdown had on musicians. There were no live concerts and both established and upcoming artists suffered. In order to help independent musicians, we thought of creating an IP with a very strong call to action where artists from all over India could submit their original music and find a platform to showcase their talent.

2. How is Songfest Xplore different from any other IP supporting independent music creators?

Songfest Xplore is an open IP where people can contact us directly and submit their original compositions. It is a very supportive and welcoming IP. What makes Xplore different is the fact that, unlike other IPs, we don’t ask artists to bear the costs of producing their tracks or promoting and marketing them. We hold artists’ hands and promote and distribute their tracks using all of our resources. In fact, many artists were recording their videos for the very first time.

3. How do you select your artists and also tell us about your registration process?

The most important criterion in choosing artists was the quality of their songs. We also looked at what kind of promise an artist shows and how serious they are with the music and if they have that spark. Talent and love of music is also what matters to us. Of the 250 entries we received, there were over 150 outstanding songs, which made the review process quite difficult for us. Our team, with their varied musical tastes, came together to select the songs and we managed to select a very dynamic set of songs to give our listeners a choice. Take the example of Sarthak Kalyani, whose song Saahiba stood out from the rest because he is an extraordinary singer and songwriter. Reena Gilbert’s “Intezaar Tera” was very contemporary because its song structure had deep meaning and emotion attached to it. We’re also different than others in the way we make sure our artists are happy, and that doesn’t often show. It’s mostly the viewers that people worry about, but having worked with artists over the years and being a creative professional myself, we understand their needs.

4. Share with us the vision of Songfest India for 2022

Xplore will continue over the next few weeks with several promotional campaigns and music videos released online. Songfest is also working on releasing some music videos for their channel where we will be collaborating with several influencers and celebrities. The goal would be to generate story-driven music videos and create premium content with brands and OTTs in the music space. Another important goal that we set for ourselves is to work with at least one or two new artists every week. In the next year, we would like to work with at least 50-100 people and explore new talents. Additionally, with Songfest Xplore Season 2, we aim to track down independent artists in the regional space. There are a few more exciting projects in music tech that hold great promise and will boost the economy for creators tremendously.