[ad_1] Local musicians Dan McLean Jr. and Meg Shuebrook created this year’s playlist Another festive music playlist created by local artists is available on YouTube. Title Guelves and Friends Seasonal Music Project 2021 the playlist includes 25 artist videos performing all new classic and original holiday music. The playlist wasRead More →

[ad_1] news New Music Playlist December Edition features tracks curated by agents from CAA, ICM, ITB, Paradigm, UTA, X-Ray, WME, and Mother Artists By IQ on November 30, 2021 The latest edition of IQ The New Music playlist, featuring a selection of tracks selected by international booking agencies, is nowRead More →

[ad_1] We start with several singer-songwriters showing their deep understanding of the instrument. Michelle Nelson’s Summer rain highlights the soft and deployed textures of the guitar against a soothing thunderstorm background. Loop Sonata by Ken Murray takes moments of crystalline color and lets them fit into a beautiful trellis. KimRead More →

[ad_1] Apple Music’s latest initiative provides an in-depth look at how deaf people develop their music preferences. By developing Apple Music’s “A Playlist Curated by Deaf People”, the streaming giant hired deaf curators to discover their favorite songs. Electronic music producers, including Mura Masa, Kaytranada, and The Chainsmokers, have allRead More →

[ad_1] Apple has launched a new “Shazam Discovery” playlist on Apple Music that uses data from the Music Discovery Platform to highlight emerging and emerging artists. But aside from letting users discover interesting music, the new playlist also gives us a glimpse of how Apple is leveraging its acquisition ofRead More →

[ad_1] The Australian String Quartet continues its Australian anthology series with South Australian composer Anne Cawrse A room for her. The third movement, Anon, featured in this month’s playlist, flows energetically between grace and drive – maintaining momentum with precision and ease. It sinks wonderfully into the brooding sound paletteRead More →

[ad_1] news Latest playlist features hottest artists on tour, chosen by CAA, ICM Partners, ITB, Paradigm, UTA, ATC Live, WME, Mother Artists and Primary Talent By IQ on April 29, 2021 The latest edition of IQThe new music playlist, featuring a selection of tracks curated by leading international booking agencies,Read More →

It’s been a month since the coronavirus pandemic hit. For many it’s a manic transition to make because the various motion control commands have been long enough for new habits to form and now many have already started commuting to work. We sympathize. So here are AUGUST MAN’s top musicRead More →