Texas A&M vs. Prairie View A&M Music Playlist: A Storm is Coming

I just realized that the title of this week’s post is somewhat adjacent to some QAnon stuff. Damn, these are those sweet, sweet clicks, aren’t they? So welcome to anyone who has stumbled across this article ready to read some completely rational ideas about government, normal people who dress in fur hats and more totally not crazy shit.

Hooo, my boy, you are all going to have a blast. Because we’re talking about historic black universities this week. Is that what you came to read, Karen? Was this what you were looking for when you took a break from your patriotic homework on Facebook?


FTAB takes a back seat this week at # 1 division a group in the nation just south on Hwy 6. It’s okay, wasting halftime this week, and I know that’s why we don’t play PVAMU every year. I have to keep those 0s in the loss column.

I love what the Marching Storm does. It probably came from watching the Bayou classic (Grambling vs. Southern) on NBC when I was a kid. They played the whole show at half time and it was amazing. But guess what? The Marching Storm is better. Like much better. Do not believe me ? Give them Storm.

AHHHHHHHHHH !!!! I want this every minute of my life. The announcer, the Black Foxes, the Box, the brass and the drum majors. My God, the drum majors. As it would be fun so fair for this game, the Ags and the Panthers were switching drum major. Ags’ old brains would melt and that’s what I’m here for.

If you are into this game, enjoy every minute. I mean football won’t be that great, but The Marching Storm is pure entertainment. The only way to compete is if FTAB is playing Neck. (they won’t, but PVAMU does and it’s impressive)

Last home game of the season. It goes by too quickly every year. Have fun, be safe and beat the hell out of sight of the prairies.