The Grantham-born musical artist now living in Aalst, Belgium, releases his second album

A Grantham-born musical artist has released his second album, which is made up of samples of sounds from the internet.

Randy Troll, also known as Paul Southgate, released his new album When the Grotto Leaks on July 22.

Paul was born in Grantham but now lives in Aalst in Belgium.

The artwork for When the Grotto Leaks. (58159679)

He said: “The album was made during the winter of 2020-21, the furlough and Covid lockdown periods.

“I can be inspired in an instant. A small idea, a theme or even a few words are enough to start.

“I think there’s more color, playfulness and humor in this album as a reaction to the isolation and seasonal gloom.”

Randy Troll, also known as Paul Southgate, releases his second album When the Grotto Leaks.  (58159684)
Randy Troll, also known as Paul Southgate, releases his second album When the Grotto Leaks. (58159684)

This is Paul’s second album, following the release of his debut album Trails of the Unexpected in 2020.

Paul pays homage to his hometown on this new album as track 10 is titled “Would You Recommend Grantham?”

He added: “I have no idea how it highlights Grantham, to be honest.

“It’s kind of abstract. The Grantham element is meant more as a bit of fun for friends and myself.”

Paul’s music comes from a collection of sound samples from the internet which may include recordings of TV shows, commercials, concerts, etc.

Tracks from the album include:

  • 1. Under the glistening sun
  • 2. The astrological trapezium
  • 3. Kymer Red From Cool
  • 4. Redundant pause
  • 5. Kneel down, tenant!
  • 6. Eastern Dark Warlord
  • 7. Brain E. Poseur
  • 8. Free Plastic Diamonds
  • 9. Love 40
  • 10. Would you recommend Grantham?
  • 11. Chaotic Mean
  • 12. Small Town Bypass
  • 13. Ligeti defeats Randy On Point

Paul concluded: “I have a few more albums under other aliases set to come out this year!

“With my friend Kwinten, I also do techno with Chaos Culte and cosmic disco with The Trappists.

“And, of course, a third Randy Troll album!”

You can listen to Randy Troll’s new album and his other music on youtube music, DeezerWhere Apple Music.

When The Grotto Leaks is also available to listen to on YouTube.